When will I meet my soulmate- 7 card Tarot

by Tarot Girl

In this lecture, we will do a seven-card spread for a client called Mira, who has come to you and asked when she will meet her soulmate.

We’re using the Rider Waide Tarot, and we’re just going to shuffle and say what Mira knows.

Let’s put a time frame on it. Let’s say, what does Mira know about meeting your soulmate in the next 12 months?

Those familiar with the Tarot might like to give a practical activity a go.

Before I start interpreting Mira’s reading, let me know your impressions about her meeting her soulmate in the next 12 months.

What do we need to know about Mira meeting her soulmate in the next 12-months?

Now, I will pull an additional card with this one, so I will put that out there.

So that’s the additional card that comes with the Hermit. And I’ll explain more about that to you.

If you’re unfamiliar with adding those additional cards towards the end.

If you’d like to pause it now and interpret for yourself – what does Mira need to know about meeting her soulmate in the next 12 months?

think of her journey

And see what you think of her journey. If you think it’s positive or negative, or if there’s up-and-down rollercoaster material coming because of it and see what you think, or you can continureadingng my interpretation.

Starting with the devil in the past card would indicate to me for Mira that she has had a lot of issues in her past with maybe some toxic relationships because we’re asking about meeting your soulmate.

So, perhaps she’s had some difficult experiences where she’s given away her power and where she’s either broken her heart or felt like she went back again and again to the wrong person.

And it left her feeling worn out and maybe even a bit tired and lacking confidence in her ability to attract someone and have a healthy relationship.

Now, what’s interesting is that your card for Mira is two cups, which means she feels she’s ready.

I’ve talked previously about how sometimes someone will come for a reading and won’t even really be ready for a soulmate, but they’ll ask when I will meet my soulmate.

For Mira, drawing for me feels like her emotions are ready to meet someone. So even though she has had a bad experience in the past or multiple bad experiences in the past, she is familiar with some toxic patterns that she doesn’t want to have anymore.

She’s cleared a lot of them, and it feels to me that she is ready to meet someone.

Now, having the world in a present card when you’re asking about love can mean that you’re going to meet someone overseas or from overseas, like an international traveler, or you’re going to meet someone while you’re traveling overseas. It can mean that there can be a global connection, like an international one.

Now, does that mean she will meet someone quite soon?

I would say yes because she’s got the lovers in her environment card.

What’s going on around her?

So, having the environment card, the World card, and the two cups all in the same reading suggests that she will meet someone quite soon.

And as I said, it might happen to an overseas person. It could happen in the next four weeks, so quickly.

Now whether or not it’s her soulmate,

We don’t know, but we do know that it feels like there will be a new romance.

And as I said, the ace of swords shortly suggests new mental clarity.

She could be ready for a new romance, and one might come in for her.

Now, she needs her hopes and fears interestingly enough, is the high priestess, which is all about using your intuition to see what is happening behind the scenes.

So what I find interesting about that is that it feels like me that she wants to meet someone and that she’s ready to meet someone, but she’s perhaps going to use her intuition this time more than what she relied on in the past.

So maybe in the past, she was simply attached to her ego, which, by the way, most of us are, or maybe she was addicted to a certain person.

Now, she wants to be more intuitive with who she chooses.

It’s been a good journey for her.

The next, like the next six months or so to speak, feels like she is potentially going to meet someone.

There’s a big opportunity for her to have a new relationship.

However, the long 12-month situation might feel like she’s alone again.

Now, what does this mean? Does this mean they’re going to break up? Does this mean it’s not going to work out?

It could be that she might be getting torn apart by too many things, too many agendas.

They must go away again if they live overseas or are from overseas.

And that’s making her feel like she doesn’t have enough time to commit to the relationship. So again, like you can bring up that possibility.

Whatever it means, she will be torn apart by too many agendas and too much pressure.

So there could be too many people coming in and influencing her. Let’s ask, will it last if she meets someone in the next 12 months?

Okay, so she’s pulled the chariot.

the relationship has a chance, a big chance, but she’s going to need to have to fight hard for it.

So she might, as I said, that’s what I love about relationship readings.

They’re not that simple.

They require breaking down the main themes and seeing how they fit together.

But for me, she’s going to have some luck in love.

The world is at good things are coming foror you.

And she’s got some beautiful romance cards there, intuition to pick the right partner.

However, she will have to fight for this relationship, which is not bad.

As I said, in my relationship, there were battles that I had to fight.

Most of us talking about happy and successful marriages know that you have to hang in there at times because different people’s agendas can get pulled apart.

So she might have people around her that are, you know, saying, you should give up on this situation, it’s not a good situation or work commitments, or if there’s someone, as I said, who lives far away or overseas that there might be a struggle for her to stay in the relationship.

She may feel lonely in the relationship, but she’s going to meet someone, and she will have to fight for it. Like, she will win, and they will end up together.

However, it might not be as easy a road as she hoped. Still, having the world right now at her feet suggests that, you know, she’s open to a beautiful romance, and having a new beginning with an ace suggests that, yes, it could be someone who she connects with in the mind because the ace is about mental clarity, so it could be someone who she’s meeting from an intellectual perspective on the same level.

So she’s feeling inspired mentally by this relationship.

And as I said, she’s using her intuition to choose the right partner and to make the right choices.

They might be apart at some point, but if she hangs in there, they will end up together.

So, I hope that’s helped you understand how to do a when will I meet my soulmate reading.

For Mira, it’s looking pretty good with this reading. There might be some rocks along the way and some hiccups.

She has come a long way in healing her devil stuff, so that’s a good thing.

She should be well on her way in the next 12 months to meeting someone who will be very significant in her life.

If you did interpret your own, I’d love to hear how you went.

It was tricky reading and a bit complicated in some spots, so please don’t feel bad if you didn’t get it exactly how I interpreted it.

You might have had different interpretations, and I’d love to hear how you went.

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