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by Tarot Girl

In this lecture, we’re going to explore a sample reading of a client coming to you and asking, “When will I get married?”

John Holland’s psychic Tarot

So, we’re going to use John Holland’s psychic Tarot for this, and we’re going to do a seven-card spread, and we’re going to interpret for Rina, who has come to you and Rina has said,

I want to know when I’m getting married. That’s why I came to see you. I know we’ve talked about how to get her to rephrase that.

So, will I meet someone or get married in the next twelve months?

And then she says, “I want to know if I will get married.” And you’re like, “Okay, let’s say what I need to know about getting married in the next 12 months.”

We’ll see if anything comes up.

And if nothing’s really coming up, we’ll go one step further and do a little three-card spread for the next few years.

What does Rina need to know about getting married in the next 12 months?

Okay, so Rina has a lot of…

Before we even get started with touching the cards or interpreting how the cards are connected together, the first thing we’re going to say is that Rina has a lot of Major Arcana cards.

She has five out of the seven cards in the Major Arcana, which suggests that there will be a huge spiritual journey for her around love in the next 12 months.

That’s going to absolutely knock her spiritual socks off.

It doesn’t suggest that there will be a wedding for her in the next 12 months.

let’s dig a bit deeper

because what is interesting for me is that she’s got all these spiritual lessons coming in, and the Minor Arcana accompanying these cards is all about her career and her money.

So, I’ve spoken previously about what happens when money comes into relationship readings for single people.

And so what I’ll do is break it down to show how you’d interpret a reading like this for Rina.

So the first thing is, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a wedding in the next 12 months.

Let’s start by looking at you and how you’re feeling about the marriage situation right now.

I want you to start thinking about how incredibly brave and courageous you are in your career.

It seems to me that recently you’ve probably made a bit of a change, and that’s been a really good thing, and maybe it’s knocked you around a bit because it’s made you feel a bit unsettled, and you feel like meeting the right partner and getting married is going to make it better.

I would say that for now, it seems like it is in your best interest to make whatever big move you’ve just made, whether you’ve moved house or changed careers, and to spend at least the next six months focusing on improving that because you are going to start earning some good money and having some good stability.

And that’s what’s going to help you so much more.

That’s what’s going to help you for now.

You are in a space right now where you are really going on a big spiritual journey. It’s important that you don’t get distracted by feeling powerless because you haven’t met the right person.

So right now, you may feel that you don’t have a husband. You may also feel that you may never meet someone, that you’re not strong enough to attract a partner, or that you’re not powerful because you don’t have a husband.

And I suggest no. Like, you’re doing something incredibly brilliant in another area of your life right now, and you’ve even got spiritual wisdom coming in.

So pour some energy into that for now, because something huge is coming out of your destiny this year, something that will absolutely change and transform your life.

But I feel like you need to be alone to be able to really master it.

And so it’s like imagining your perfect relationship and marriage and knowing that you are coming to that marriage with everything you need to be completely happy.

That’s what is going to happen to you this year. You’ll have all those spiritual lessons well and truly taken care of.

And that will make it much easier for you to be in the right state of mind to attract a partner.

let’s break down some more about her environment.

So around her, it feels like there is massive change going on.

We already know she’s moved on to a career or something.

According to the death card and the transformation, she needs to let go of something.

Now it could be that she has been too attached to her family, and she’s been too attached to certain friends, or too attached to a culture, or too attached to feeling like this is how you do things in life, and something is coming in to change that and tip that upside down.

It could be because she’s moved career.

As a result, she is suddenly not exposed to as many people.

So, something has changed quite dramatically for her.

And the thing is, it’s in her environment, as I said, but it’s a good thing.

Even though it might feel painful and scary, it’s what she needs to come into her destiny.

So her destiny is rolling in a huge direction this year. There are going to be some things that come in that are going to absolutely change her life. When she looks back on her life in 20 years, she says, “I needed to go through this.”

And she needs to know that there will be some big changes before that can happen.

So, it doesn’t look like a wedding is on the cards.

Let’s look at the next few years and say, “What about the next two years?”

What do we need to know about marriage? Oh, okay.

That looks much more positive.

So, I would suggest that perhaps in the next two years, after she’s gone through this period of solitude and feels that she’s got her own power back and that she’s feeling quite strong in her career,

Then, she will be ready to let in someone who will bring her the sunshine and joy she’s been looking for.

It’s going to be an easy year next year for love, is what this is saying.

This year, I suggest she go in and do some deep spiritual work. As I mentioned, getting five Major Arcana cards suggests a lot she needs to let go of.

There are going to be changes beyond her control, and she needs to roll with them and continue to focus on what is working in her life, whether it’s her career or her money or whatever she’s investing her time, efforts, and resources into.

If she’s studying, like whatever she’s learning, focus on that because that will help her.

So, Rina then comes back and says, “Actually, yes,

I’ve recently moved to a new city, and I’m new here.

And I’ve done it to study, and I’m doing it to learn.

You know, I really want to meet someone, and there’s some pressure from my family to get married because I’m now 26–27, and I’m feeling that.

And so I assured her it isn’t going to feel like it’s this year.

Next year looks like a much more fortunate year for you in regards to love.

You’re going to be in the zone to be able to attract a really great partner next year.

For now, let the changes unfold, and let you step into the powerful being you are meant to be.

That’s what I would allow this year to be.

So, I hope that’s helped with how to do a reading for somebody who’s single, and they want to, and they’re quite insistent about knowing when I am going to get married.

I’ll see you at the next lecture.

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