What does THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE tarot card mean in Love Readings?

by Tarot Girl


Change of luck, change in fortune. Usually positive.


Good times are on their way! At least they are if they aren’t so flipping good right now. The most profound and basic meaning of The Wheel is that “this too shall pass,” and this applies to love spreads as well.

When this card shows up in a romance spread, it tends to mean that a shift in attitude or circumstance is about to happen, and most likely it will be a welcome and lucky change! This is not a powerful or deep card, though, when it comes to relationships. It’s more of a simple reminder that the road to love is never a straight path, and there will be twists and turns.

Having said that, these twists are usually good ones, when this friendly card shows up. Look for lucky circumstances to gently shift the tone of your romance toward a more lighthearted and pleasurable time.


This is a lucky card in the outcome position. It tends to be of the “wish granted” variety, but don’t rest on your laurels here. This is a card of change, most of all, and remembering there is no constant and learning to go with the flow is important.

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