What does THE HERMIT tarot card mean in Love Readings?

by Tarot Girl


Meditation. Time alone. Finding a mentor. Intense study. Arcane knowledge.


Well, there is no getting around it: The Hermit is not the very best card to show up in a reading, but where it lands, and what is near, impacts the meaning of the card a great deal.

In the past positions of a spread, it can speak of loneliness, or a desire to withdraw and focus on learning, personal interests, or education. Having this card show up in a past position can often mean this time of aloneness is about to end!

In the future positions, though, it can quite strongly suggest a breakup, especially when paired with traditional romance cards like The Lovers, The Two of Cups, The Nine of Cups, The Empress, etc. It is the archetypal rejection of intimate connection with others, emotional unavailability, and emotional withdrawal. It also can mean that you have fallen for someone who is emotionally very distant, or of an anxious/avoidant attachment style. This means that they are quickly overwhelmed by too much intimacy, or find it very difficult to access their emotions and express them. These people need love, too, and often seek it out, but sometimes they create pain and confusion for their partners, who are a bit starved for attention, and frustrated that their Hermit lover doesn’t seem to understand what they need emotionally.

Here is the good side to the breakup that results from this card: it’s good to know when something isn’t working. It’s very brave to say it out loud and make a change. Many couples, not happy, and not well suited, stay together long after they should have let their relationship go, because they fear change, fear loss, or sometimes, simply fear stating the truth! When a relationship isn’t working, it’s important to fix what you can, or realize what isn’t fixable, and move on, so you both have a chance at finding happiness elsewhere. Someone brave enough to step up and gently end the unworkable is a good person, and this ending can be a gift!


It looks like you will be uncoupled for now, but now is not forever! Take good care of yourself while you have this time alone. Do fun things! Learn a new skill! Rediscover yesteryear’s forgotten glory of Air Supply! Remember those hobbies you abandoned when you fell in love? DO THEM!!! Also, quit abandoning hobbies when you fall in love!

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