What does TEMPERANCE tarot card mean in Love Readings?

by Tarot Girl


Peace after struggle. Moderation. Simple life. Good choices.


I often say this when I am doing a reading and Temperance shows up: “This is a card you don’t appreciate as a teen, but crave as an adult.” Why? Because it is a card of contentment, peace, plenty, and surviving a tough time and still coming out ahead. That sounds so BORING when you are young… but so, so delicious when you are an adult.

This is also true for naps.

There are many people who just don’t feel ALIVE unless their love life is full of drama. They confuse peace with lack of chemistry, and so don’t understand the pleasure of the easy relationship. This is not a card of boredom; this is a card of brunch, naps in hammocks on a Sunday, and good sex. Yay!

For the sane among us, who understand the value of this, Temperance is a very welcome card indeed. Temperance suggests that things go well, really well, and this is a person with whom you will even enjoy small, pleasant tasks, such as grocery shopping and running errands. You “get” each other, and feel emotionally comfy and safe.

It’s a great card to see in a future aspect of a reading, as it means that no matter the struggles now, there is peace and happiness to come.

If health troubles are an aspect of your relationship, this card is a soothing omen of good health being on its way as well, and soon!


Best place for this card! No matter what, it’s going to be okay and you will like the outcome. How cool is that?

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