What does JUSTICE tarot card mean in Love Readings?

by Tarot Girl


Legal issues. Winning. Issues of fairness. Equality.


Justice, I admit, is not a sexy card. It often has to do with legal issues, which, in a love spread, can mean divorce, custody issues, and other super fun stuff. Bad news? You are in court. Good news? Looks like you win.

More subtly though, there are, in fact, interesting aspects to this card, as well, and they are important in a love spread! For example, having the Justice card show up, with its scales and measures, could mean that there are issues of balance in your relationship!

Are you both on the same page? Is there good give-and-take here? Do you both feel equally emotionally supported? Do you both contribute to the smooth domestic running of your home? Are you the only one picking up all the dirty socks? Who cleans the cat box?

The Justice card suggests fairness in relationship will be a theme in your life right now. Whether balance is achieved depends on the other cards in the spread. A lot of negative cards suggests that maybe you might be giving too much, but what does “too much” mean? Isn’t that subjective?

It is! What matters is how you feel. This is a time when your purely subjective feelings have a great deal of weight, if only as a jumping off point to get to the heart of the matter. Issues of balance only feel bad when personal boundaries are crossed. If you feel like you are being taken for granted, then you have two choices: change your circumstance or change your perspective and, therefore, your attitude. However, don’t ignore this feeling. That is the seed of a wicked, resentful weed that will grow in all weather. Time to pay attention and realize that asking for what you need is important. You deserve to feel cherished, respected, and understood, as does your partner.


Fairness reigns! You succeed!

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