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I remember when I was learning how to read a book as a child. I was taught to move my finger across the page as I read the sentence out loud. My finger acted as a focal point for my attention. This helped me to focus on the word I was reading instead of getting ahead of myself.

There are all kinds of tools to help you develop your psychic abilities, but it’s important to remember that they are simply tools and nothing more. They are like my finger moving across the page. My finger had no part in the reading process; it only acted as a means to direct my attention. In the same way, none of the tools described in this chapter possess psychic powers. Their only purpose is to direct your attention.

The tools discussed in this chapter can help develop your psychic abilities but do not rely on them. You could develop your psychic abilities without ever using them. If they help you, by all means, make use of them, but don’t wait to work on your psychic abilities until you have them.


Crystals have a long history of assisting people in developing their psychic abilities and in balancing energy. The following crystals are among my favorites.

Crystals for Enhancing Psychic Ability


A powerful spiritual enhancer, amethyst promotes higher consciousness awareness and is also good for healing and protection. This crystal can elevate your vibrational frequency, thus bringing higher levels of awareness of your spiritual nature. The essence of who you are exists beyond the mind and body.It can facilitate this understanding by expanding your consciousness.

Besides expanding conscious awareness, amethyst will assist you in accessing your angels and spirit guides. Additionally, amethyst behaves like a natural tranquilizer by blocking negative energy. For this reason, amethyst is often used in psychic healing and cleaning.

Clear Quartz

Clear crystals are highly recommended for those who are just beginning to explore their psychic abilities because they offer so many benefits, and are inexpensive to obtain. Great for unblocking negative energy and raising consciousness, clear crystals cleanse and open the body’s energy centers. This makes receiving psychic information easier, which can lead to discovering your soul’s mission and receiving prophetic dreams.


A great crystal for those who are new to psychic exploration, iolite opens and expands one’s psychic abilities while offering psychic protection at the same time. Heightening one’s conscious awareness facilitates communication with angels, spirits, and other higher-level beings. Iolite is also excellent for meditation, as its energies calm the mind. Iolite is great for keeping you relaxed as you navigate through the different levels of realms of consciousness, and makes it easier to receive psychic communications from the spiritual realm.


Azurite works great for clairvoyance and astral travel because of its powerful healing qualities. This crystal can bring about the karmic healing of traumas by healing negative energy patterns. It also dissolves emotional blocks. When the mind is calm, negative energy dissipates, and access to higher realms of consciousness is possible. All of this is a benefit to psychics, mediators, and healers.


A fantastic crystal connecting to the spiritual realm and grounding your energy, kyanite facilitates communicating with higher realms of consciousness. It stimulates the third eye and opens the throat chakra. It also brings heightened awareness to cause and effect. The bottom line, kyanite promotes spiritual maturation and integrity.

Crystals for Psychic Protection

Smoky Quartz

Smokey quartz, known for its ability to absorb negative energy, is a spiritual grounding stone. This crystal is invaluable for receiving and using psychic energy by grounding the spirit and the physical body. In addition, it provides purification and protection to the spirit and body. Because of its grounding power, smoky quartz is also very helpful when meditating.


The strength of pyrite is in its effectiveness as a psychic shield. Pyrite facilitates the integration of high-frequency energy with the physical body. This integration stimulates creative energy, while the auric field is invigorated, and the ability to focus is enhanced. When meditating, pyrite promotes balancing your intuitive and creative impulses with your more practical and grounded state.

Black Tourmaline

As with pyrite, black tourmaline is used for its grounding and protective properties. This crystal promotes focus and dissipates repetitive thought patterns while shielding you from dark emotions. Black tourmaline will ground your spiritual practice in your daily life and will deflect negative energy.

Crystals for Healing

The following crystals are my recommendations for chakra healing and enhancement. However, as a rule of thumb, any crystal that matches the chakra’s color that you want to heal or enhance will do. (Note: If possible, find at least one crystal to absorb per chakra and one to enhance per chakra).


Amethyst is an excellent source of healing, and it strengthens psychic abilities.It is effective for stress relief while enhancing self-calm and inner strength. It amplifies the third eye and crown chakras. It is very effective for sleep difficulties, as well. Just place the crystal under your pillow. Another benefit of amethyst is that it will calm your mind while strengthening your ability to concentrate when you meditate. If all of this is not enough, amethyst also is effective in transmuting negative psychic energy.


Amber is known for its ability to absorb negative energy around the solar plexus. It also brings about a sense of stability as well as motivation. A stress reliever, amber promotes compassion and inner peace. It soothes and comforts, especially in times of stress or mental burnout. It is truly a benefit for those looking to experience emotional healing and protection.


Popularly known as the abundance stone for its alleged properties for manifesting wealth, citrine facilitates your understanding of the psychic information you obtain. It also offers protection during astral projection. This crystal’s healing benefits include balancing chi in the nervous system and clearing auras. An added benefit is that citrine strengthens one’s connection with higher consciousness.


Chalcedony amplifies the throat chakra and heals energy fields. Besides these healing benefits, chalcedony is valuable when performing mediumship or manifestation work. Blue chalcedony facilitates communication when you are involved in telepathic or psychic communication with otherworldly beings.


Fuchsite is a perfect crystal for healers, as it intensifies the energy of other crystals when combined with them. It absorbs negative energy around the heart chakra, and is great in providing protection for empaths. Emerald fuchsite supports psychic cleaning and healing and deepening one’s sense of understanding, compassion, and acceptance. It also is beneficial when seeking guidance from your spiritual guides.


Fluorite is valuable in absorbing negative energy around the heart, throat, third eye, and the crown chakras. Because of this, fluorite offers the benefits of increasing mental concentration and absorbing new information.


Garnet comes in many colors, with each color benefiting a specific chakra. Red garnets amplify the root chakra, while brown garnet amplifies the sacral chakra and green garnet amplifies the heart chakra. Due to its effects on the body chakras, garnet can activate kundalini energy and bring about enlightenment. Work with kundalini energy, however, must be done with care while engaged in serious yoga practice.


Howlite absorbs negative energy from the crown chakra but also restores balance to the third-eye chakra. Additionally, howlite will enhance your visualization abilities, intuitive perceptions, and creativity by aligning you with your higher self. Howlite is also beneficial when connecting with your past lives.


Onyx is valuable when engaged in spiritual counseling channeling, tarot card reading, and other energy work that exposes you to psychic influences. It also does a fantastic job of absorbing negative energy from the root chakra. It also strengthens your connection to higher consciousness and taps into the Akashic records.

Rose Quartz

A great crystal for energy workers, rose quartz amplifies the heart charka. It also strengthens the connection between all the chakras of the body, grounding your physical and spiritual being. When this happens, you will enjoy greater alignment with Divine love, kindness, compassion, mercy, and tolerance.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a helpful tool for self-reflection and spiritual insight. They are also simpler to use than tarot cards. Tarot cards are based on a specific system that was adopted from the Rider-Waite deck, originally published in 1909 and considered the most popular tarot deck for tarot reading.

In tarot, there are 78 cards, and each card offers specific insight into a specific situation. There are also specific rules when using tarot cards. Oracle cards have fewer rules, and there is no one way to use the deck, so it offers greater flexibility for the user.

These differences from tarot cards make oracle cards easier to use, especially for the beginner. Also, each deck is designed differently in terms of the number of cards and style. Because of this, you can find the one that resonates with you.

Essential Oils & Incense

Both essential oils and incense provide a scent that aids in enhancing your psychic skills. I recommend that you use them with any psychic work you do. Note: When using any essential oil, read the directions carefully. Many essential oils need to be diluted before being applied to the skin.


This oil has a clean wood-like aroma to it, spiced with fruity tones. Apply it to your skin, and you can add it to your face or body cream as a skin moisturizer and it will provide a feeling of inner peace.


An oil, rosemary has a strong, fresh, camphor-like fragrance to it. It works great for relieving bodily pain such as muscle aches, arthritis and rheumatism. It also offers relief for bronchitis, colds, and the flu. Apply it to the skin. Spiritually, rosemary has a grounding effect.


With its sweet-woody balsamic fragrance, sandalwood works wonders as a cleanser of negative energy. Sandalwood is widely used during spiritual work. Its fragrance induces relaxation, making it perfect for when meditating.


The burning of sage to cleanse spaces of negative energy is known as smudging, and is just one way that sage can be used. You can also smudge an object to clear its energy, or you can use sage in aromatherapy.


This oil has an earthy, smoky, and spicy fragrance. Besides enhancing communication with spirits or angels, it works great for treating dry skin, eczema, acne, and dandruff. Apply it directly to the skin.


A resin, myrrh, when burned, offers psychic protection. It was used by the ancient Egyptians for healing and spiritual rituals. Myrrh is effective in clearing negative energy.


An essential oil, cinnamon will assist in raising your level of consciousness and strengthen your focus. It also is useful for stimulating visions, connecting with spirit guides, and promoting healing and harmony. Use in a ceramic burner.

Using a Pendulum

A divination tool, a pendulum is used in spiritual healing. It is a simple tool, consisting of a string with an object attached to one end. You hold the free end of the string, and the pendulum swings either in a circular or back and forth motion.

Almost any object can be used to make a pendulum, but commonly used objects include crystals, glass, and stones. I recommend using any of the crystals previously mentioned, as well as azurite or lapis lazuli.

Pendulums will respond to the body’s chakras, so they are useful tools to detect energy blocks in the body when performing spiritual healing. Pendulums can also be used for clearing energy in the body, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, and grounding. In spiritual work, pendulums provide answers to questions by detecting subtle vibrations from the body. To do this, the pendulum moves in the direction of the source energy.

To use a pendulum to balance chakras, do the following:

  1. Suspend the pendulum a few inches over your crown chakra, which is found on the top of your head. Do not swing the pendulum.
  2. As you hold the pendulum over your crown chakra, wait for it to move independently.
  3. Repeat these steps with the remaining six chakras.
  4. Each time the pendulum moves, note the direction it is spinning.
  5. Refer to a pendulum chart for an explanation of what the pendulum’s movements mean.

Whether you purchase a pendulum or make your own, it is important to know how you respond to it. You want to choose the pendulum that feels right to you. Do this by holding the pendulum in your hands and closing your eyes. Focus on what you are feeling. If you experience a subtle vibration or a temperature change in the pendulum, it will probably be the right one for you.

Exercise: Locating Lost Items

The following exercise involves using a pendulum for developing your psychic abilities. Remember, when using a pendulum, keep your hand still as you hold the string. Do not make the pendulum move. You want the energies of your chakras and the surrounding environment to move the pendulum for you.

Also, before doing this exercise, do the White Light Centering technique.

1. Draw a simple map of your home on a piece of paper.

2. Have a friend hide an item somewhere in your house.

3. Hold your pendulum over the map and ask it to guide you to the lost item. It may start pulling you towards a specific area, or you may have to ask it yes/no questions. Example:

  • Is it in this room?
  • Is it under the bed?

4. When you ask your question, notice how the pendulum responds. Is it pulling you towards a specific area of your house? If so, try moving into that area and then letting it pull you towards the item.

Be sure to record your results in your journal and see how you progress. Over time you’ll learn how the pendulum reacts when it’s indicating yes or no, or pulling you towards a certain area. You can make this task harder by having your friend hide something and not telling you what the item is.

Crystal Balls and Scrying Mirrors

Psychics have used crystal balls and scrying mirrors since the 1st century BCE. Unlike the previously mentioned tools, crystal balls and scrying mirrors should be used by those who have advanced their psychic development. They should be used after you have developed your clairvoyance. Scrying mirrors are black polished stones that are used in the same way as a crystal ball. Both of these tools are used to receive prophetic visions.


Lighting a candle while doing psychic work provides benefits beyond just adding to the atmosphere or providing fragrance. Lighting candles will also increase your focus and inform the spirit world that you engage in psychic work. Candles also affect the energy in the room. White candles will purify the space and absorb negativity. Purple and blue candles support psychic connections, while pink and green candles help connect to divine love.

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