Understanding Your Dominant Psychic Abilities

by Tarot Girl

In this section you will learn more about your dominant psychic abilities and how to further develop them. We will begin with clairvoyance.


When receiving images, it is important to understand these images have significance, even though it may not make any sense to you. Some of the images you receive could be from a time period other than your own. You can receive images from the past, including past lives, or they could be from the future.

Additionally, the visions you receive may be static or they may appear like a movie. If they appear as a movie, the images may seem to have no relation to each other. They may also feel like a dream. Sometimes the images you receive will be symbolic.

As someone who is just starting to learn about their psychic abilities, do not let any of these things bother you. The images you receive may be confusing, but this is normal. As you continue to practice developing your psychic abilities, you will gain greater clarity about the significance of your visions.

You can start developing your clairvoyant abilities by doing the upcoming exercises. Also, use your journal to document whenever you experience a vision. If you do this repeatedly, you will gradually come to understand the meaning behind your visions.

In the beginning, your clairvoyant visions will appear in your dreams. Every morning, record your dreams in your journal. Do this the moment you wake up so you don’t forget them. When you journal your dreams and visions, you inform your subconscious that these things are important to you. This will result in you being able to access more information about them.

Recording your dreams also offers the benefit of allowing you to review your dreams in the future. You will also learn to differentiate between normal dreams and prophetic ones.

As your ability to identify clairvoyant dreams improves, you will start experiencing visions in your waking life. These visions will often come to you as flashes, yet they will be recognizable. When your clairvoyant abilities are strong, you will be able to read auras and engage in astral travel. The following exercises will assist you in developing your clairvoyant abilities.

Exercise: Improving Visualization

To improve your clairvoyance, you should work on improving your visualization. By strengthening the part of the mind used in visualizations, you’ll also strengthen the part used when receiving psychic images.

  1. Take a minute to look around the room you are in.
  1. Close your eyes and try to visualize the room, making it as detailed as you can.
  1. Try to see the different colors in the room, the different objects, the distance between objects, and so on.
  1. Now open your eyes and look at the room again. What did you miss in your visualization? What did you include in your visualization?
  1. Next, close your eyes and visualize another room in your house. Take a minute to recreate the room in your mind. When you are finished, open your eyes and go to that room.
  1. Compare the room to your visualization of it. What did you get right? What did you get wrong?

Record your findings in your journal. By repeating this exercise over a period of time, you can refer back to your journal to see what progress you have made in your visualizations.

Exercise: Basic Precognition with Clairvoyance

You will need either a set of tarot cards, oracle cards, ESP cards, or playing cards for this exercise. If possible, I recommend a set of tarot cards. Though oracle cards are better for reading for psychic beginners, tarot cards are better for this exercise because each card is connected to many others and that “fuzziness” is actually helpful for beginners.

Playing cards will also work, but can be more difficult to read because they are similar to each other. To relax beforehand, I recommended you perform the White Light Centering Meditation described in Chapter 2 and also concentrate on your breath for a few minutes.

  1. Shuffle the deck, and place one card face down in front of you.
  1. Close your eyes and picture yourself flipping the card over. What card is revealed?
  1. Record your prediction in your journal (this will prevent you from lying to yourself!).
  1. Now, flip the card over. Record the result.

Did you get it right? If not, don’t get discouraged! See if you were “close.” Was it the same suit? Was it the same color card or the same number? If you were using tarot or oracle cards, was the image on this card at all related to the card you predicted? Is the meaning of the card you flipped at all related to the card you predicted (even if it’s the opposite)?

  1. Repeat for 5 cards, shuffling each time.
  1. Over time, look back in your journal to see how you’re progressing.


Unlike the other clairs, it is rare to find someone whose primary ability is clairaudience, since it normally appears as a secondary ability. Clairaudients are sensitive to music and sounds. Sounds that most people find irritating can drive clairaudients crazy.

For those who are beginners, clairaudience is often experienced as ringing or buzzing in the ears. Because of this, people often do not realize that they are picking up psychic energy. As clairaudients develop their abilities, they will start hearing voices. Often, these voices belong to their spirit guides. Strong clairaudients can make fantastic mediums, as they are great receivers of messages from the spirit world.

It is important to note that hearing voices can also be a symptom of schizophrenia. To determine whether you are experiencing clairaudience abilities or you have schizophrenia, ask yourself the following:

  1. Do the voices accurately predict the future or give you the information you could not have known in any other manner? Are you able to turn the ability on and off? If so, it’s likely clairaudience.
  1. Do the voices tell you to do harmful or destructive things? If so, you should immediately seek psychiatric help. There is no shame in this, and you can continue on your psychic awakening after you’ve received help.

Exercise: Improving Listening

To improve your clairaudience ability, you can begin by improving your listening skills. By training the part of the mind used in listening, you strengthen your psychic listening skills.

  1. In a quiet room, turn off the lights and listen to your favorite piece of music.
  1. Pay attention to all the individual sounds and see if there are sounds or instruments you’ve never noticed before.
  1. Repeat this for a piece of music you’re not familiar with. I’ve found that classical music works well, including pieces in which many instruments work in harmony.

Record any interesting findings in your journal. As with the other exercises, repeating this exercise and recording in your journal will allow you to look back later and see what progress you have made in your clairaudience abilities.


Clairsentients experience psychic energy by feeling it, meaning they receive it as an emotion or physical sensation. Clairsentience is often blended with another clair; it is rare to find someone who is only clairsentient. Clairsentients are telepathic and make good energy healers. Energy healers have advanced clairsentient abilities because energy healing requires directing one’s energy toward others.

Since clairsentients can easily connect with others, they can receive messages from the minds of others. Empaths are a type of clairsentient who take on the emotions of others. While clairsentients may need to develop their ability, empaths can naturally use their abilities without training, but being born with this ability comes at a cost for empaths.

Unlike clairsentients, empaths are unable to turn off this ability, so they are continuously bombarded by the energy of others. Further, empaths often have difficulty distinguishing between what they are feeling and the feelings of others. Fortunately, empaths can learn from clairsentience exercises how to gain control of their abilities. The following are some suggestions for clairsentients:

  • Practice grounding and psychic shielding daily. This will help relieve you from the emotions you are experiencing.
  • If you are feeling an emotional state but cannot understand why you are feeling it, recall the events of your day. Did you encounter someone who could have caused you to feel that way?
  • When meeting new people, notice how they make you feel and record it in your journal. Doing this regularly will allow you to look back once you’ve gotten to know them better to see if your predictions about them were correct. The following exercise will help you develop your clairsentience ability:

Exercise: Feeling the Room

You’ve probably had the experience of walking into a room and feeling a charge in the air. You may have heard the expression “you could cut the tension with a knife” or may have even experienced something similar yourself. You can get the same kind of feeling between two people with deep but unspoken feelings – as if there’s an almost physical connection between them.

That kind of connection between people comes in all kinds of “flavors”, and it’s important to learn what each means. This exercise will grow your ability to detect these connections.

  1. Find a crowded space, such as a store, mall, or library.
  1. Before entering the space, try to get a feel for the energy inside. Is it positive or negative? Are the people excited or subdued? Do you detect any specific emotions nearer to you or farther away?
  1. Enter the area and look at the people. Based on their outward emotions (smiling faces, how loud they are, etc.), how accurate was your prediction?
  1. Record your results in your journal. As with the other exercises, repeating this exercise and recording your results in your journal will allow you to look back later and see what progress you have made in your clairsentience abilities.


Those who are claircognizant experience psychic energy as insight. This insight can come out of nowhere. I remember driving one day, and I had a sudden insight regarding an area of my life that I had not given much thought to. Before I received the insight, there was nothing in my environment or my thought process related to this area.

Claircognizants are normally curious and intellectual. Unlike the other clairs, claircognizance is difficult to develop, since it involves insight. This means you need to do an exercise that allows you to experience insight before you visualize, hear, or feel the results. It can be done, though. Those who are naturally intuitive can benefit from doing these exercises as well.

Exercise: Forcing a Prediction

This exercise forces you to make a prediction quickly, compelling you to rely on your claircognizance skills. Because it’s done so quickly, you’re likely to make a poor prediction until you strengthen this skill, so don’t give up!


This exercise requires a pair of dice.

  1. Shake the dice and throw them.
  1. After you toss the dice but before they touch the table, call out your prediction. The key is to be quick!
  1. Record your results. How close were you? Was the number on either of the dice close to what you predicted?
  1. Repeat 10 times, recording each result.

Come back to this exercise regularly, each time recording your results in your journal so you can track your progress.

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