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Imposition of power. All the responsibility, but none of the authority. Bluffing in order to seem important.


Are you trying to impose your will on another? Is someone trying to control the relationship in a stubborn or selfish manner? The dull, often pedantic and mildly crazy-making oppressiveness of the Two of Wands suggests that some rather tiresome, insecure behavior is at hand. Sure, you or they might get their way, but it’s at great expense, such as the respect another might have for you.

This is the mean little brother of the worst aspects of The Chariot, so if they are in the same spread, watch out for thoughtless and selfish behavior. These are petty control issues and unreasonable expectations, such as needing to know where your partner is at all times, expecting texts to be answered instantly, or needing three calls a day. Super fun, and WAY conducive to romance, no?


Bleh, on it’s own. The tiresome behavior listed above continues. Carefully look at the other cards in the spread to see how this might play out. Lots of happy cards suggest this is just a blip, but mixed or negative spreads suggest you might be falling for a rigid and controlling person…unless that person is you! YOU ARE NOT THAT PERSON . You are so much cooler than that. You are secure, calm, trusting with time and utterly trustworthy yourself, and wow, that’s really attractive, isn’t it?

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