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Ending of one phase to begin a new, brilliant life. Absolute fulfillment. Happiness.


Oh, The World! How I love The World! It is, most simply, the best card in the deck.

What’s fun about The World is that, while there are a number of cards that are very upbeat and happy and about good things coming (The Sun, The Star, The Nine of Cups, The Aces of every suit), The World brings with its promise of great satisfaction an added layer of deep fulfillment.

So, it’s happiness that lasts and change that is positive and consistent in its benefits. It is a long stretch of good luck. In a world that is endlessly changing at the drop of a hat, with each day stuffed to the gills with wave after wave of expectations, pressures, overwhelming and often useless “information” from media that batters our brains around like tennis balls, The World says, “Hey, this thing? This experience? You get to keep it for a while. Enjoy.”

The World is also about achievement. So you pass through a time that was challenging, such as graduate school, a hard internship, a tricky job situation, or a complicated dating situation, and a true and measurable shift occurs, and the results are beautiful. The hard work pays off. Things gently and easily fall into place.

Good stuff!


Again, best card in the deck. The World as your outcome card is the most welcome card you could see, regardless of the topic of the reading. It’s the embodiment of “YES!” after a long period of struggle.

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