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Upheaval out of your control. Total collapse leading to rebirth. Outside forces affecting you.


Well, the good news is that this is the last of the major bummer cards in the Major Arcana.

That is pretty much the only good news.

In a relationship spread, this card almost always means an ending is about to take place. The majority of the time, this is a breakup or a similar disappointment.

The Tower is a card of upheaval from the external world. You are not creating this, so if you can, take comfort in the fact that it is NOT your fault. This is a card of outside influences wreaking havoc on your relationship in some way: a layoff, a robbery, or an unexpected and painful breakup due to outside pressures. You are not the cause of the pain; you are just the lucky recipient of the poop sandwich.

Here’s the other small comfort: The Tower card, no matter where it falls in a spread (past, present, or future position), it is always NOW. This reading is one of hours, days, a week or two at most. Whatever is about to happen is going to happen SOON, and the sooner it does, the sooner everyone can grab their brooms and start sweeping.

Is there ANY upside at all, here? Yes, but I hesitate to mention it, as it is rarely the case: sometimes The Tower is here to knock you on your butt in a good way. For example, you meet someone that is a life-changer and you both are gobsmacked and happy. YES, it happens, but rarely, so put the kettle on and know, deep in your hopeful heart, that it’s most likely going to be a bumpy ride.

Finally, remember, Tarot speaks in bold and big symbols. Just because The Tower showed up, it doesn’t mean that your entire life will collapse. Not at all. Sometimes it’s a fight that leads to enlightenment and new understanding; sometimes the cat goes missing and you are both sad until you find one another again. It is not always catastrophe. Take heart!


Remember that part about breaking up? This position is when this is most likely. Time to book a massage and drink wine in the tub and Netflix binge for a little while. Onward and upward, Lover.

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