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Happiness. Joy. Pleasure. Favorable outcome. Transparency in all dealings. Childlike delight. The shiny light of truth.


Glorious Sol! Here is an instance where the meaning of the card doesn’t change much at all in a romance spread, and that’s wonderful, because The Sun, along with The World, are the two most positive cards in the deck.

There is no downside to The Sun, except for the possibility that it is a flare of light, heat and pleasure that can burn itself out quickly, if not nurtured. This is the super-exciting new romance, the amazing first date, the moment you realize you both really are crazy about each other, but having these other cards appear in the spread can boost the power of this card, and make the outcome a bit more sustained:

Paired with The Hierophant

A strong mutual desire that deepens into commitment.

Paired with The Empress

For a man, you might have met “The One.” For a couple hoping to conceive, this is particularly fortuitous.

Paired with The Two of Cups

A rich and exciting romance. Try not to go too fast.

Paired with The Magician

Your clever magnetism wins the heart of your intended.

Paired with The Ten of Swords

The pain you feel now will very soon feel like a distant memory.

Paired with The World

Yeah. It pretty much doesn’t get better than this. Absolute triumph. Victory is yours! A winner is you!

Paired with The Devil

Your fears are unfounded or you quickly recognize the devil in your midst and remove him from your life. Let go, relax, and take good care of yourself.

Paired with The Seven of Swords

You will quickly see through any deception and come out on top.

Paired with The Six of Wands

Victory after struggle.

Paired with The Eight of Cups

You end something unsatisfying to which you once clung and valued highly and, in doing so, find new and great happiness.

Paired with Temperance

Entering a period of profound and sustained peace, plenty, and good health.

Paired with The Lovers

Great and true love. See a pattern here? Even in a “past” position in a spread, The Sun shines over all the cards in a reading, influencing them in a positive way.


Ideal. Whatever that might be for you.

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