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Hope. Great happiness. Love given and love received. Bliss. Peace. Fulfillment.


Well, now we’re talking. The Star is one of the most positive and uplifting cards in the deck. There is no downside, and, in fact, like The Sun, it is considered such a good omen that it softens the effects of any other negative cards in the spread.

The Star is truly about hope, but it’s also about gentleness, openheartedness, love freely given, and love gratefully received.

When paired with The Lovers

It can blind you to the little faults in your partner. That is not a bad thing, as I am not speaking of glaring faults, but possibly traits that might otherwise bother you. These are rose-colored glasses you don’t want to take off, and you shouldn’t! Enjoy!

When paired with The Tower

Look for what seems to be a huge loss in the realm of love as an incredible blessing in disguise.

Paired with The Sun

True kismet. This is easy, happy romance.

Paired with The Hierophant

Look for a romantic proposal soon.

The Star is a giver, and it is mostly a very feminine energy. There is also a sense of innocence, and a complete lack of hidden agenda. When this card shows up in your spread, you are lucky. What you see is what you get, and what you get is good!


No matter what it looks like now… keep hope alive. Wish granted!

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