by Tarot Girl


Dark feminine/mystery card. Occult magic. Fantasy. Illusion. Anxiety.


Oh, The Moon. The Moon represents both the unknown and the willingness to entertain obsessive imaginings to soothe your worst fears and anxieties.

In a relationship, it can suggest that you are in a place of fantasy more than reality. You might ignore giant, waving red flags or live only in the future where your beloved finally commits and is emotionally present; is more romantic; suddenly wants sex again after a long, dry spell; or is simply not doing any of the confusing, heartbreaking things they have been doing so far.

And you! You are not off the hook here! What illusions are you nurturing regarding your own behavior? Have you blamed the other person entirely, not looking at the ways you create pain or distance in the relationship? Time to be gentle and open your eyes. Compassion is key, for both of you. Once you strip away the resentment and blame, you realize that everyone is having a different experience and isn’t seeing what is happening between you in exactly the same way as you are. They might have perfectly good reasons for doing what they are doing that you simply can’t see from your vantage point.

Unfurrow your brow and open your heart.

Dangerous place, the Realm of The Moon. When you live there, you live in hope, but be careful. It’s not grounded in reality. I’m not saying there isn’t a potential for a happy outcome, just know that whatever you imagine now might not necessarily be what is actually happening. Time to pay attention to what is really in front of you. You might be surprised.


A mystery! When this card appears in the outcome position, it means that the outcome is entirely uncertain, and will evolve over time. How frustrating! Hang in there, and be kind to each other in the meantime.

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