What does THE MAGICIAN tarot card mean in Love Readings?

by Tarot Girl


Manifestation of desires. Magic. Power and control. Creating something from nothing. The Trickster.


Hm. I don’t know about this guy. He’s a bit of a smoothie, this one. A bit polished. This is a man who always says all the right things. You know who always says all the right things? Someone with a whole lot of practice! This is the card of the Pickup Artist Community.

Sure. He or she might actually BE an impossibly attractive, hugely articulate, confident, financially smart, funny as hell SEX GOD. Sure. They exist! Why shouldn’t one fall into your lap? He might also be all those things and a little concerned, say, about the true nature of his sexual orientation, and would like to use you as an experiment while he works that one out.

Or maybe “I’m in banking” actually means “I’m a teller at a bank”, and while there is nothing wrong with that honorable occupation, because this is the card of the embellisher, watch out. Some people just don’t feel truly lovable unless they make themselves seem very special. If you are willing to wade through that and get to their insecure, possibly loveable core, you might find a person of real quality there. Or, you might be off to the therapist for years! Only time will tell. Whee! Careful, lover!

As a situation and NOT a person, The Magician is a Very Different Animal. In this case, it is your ability to make things work and manifest in spite of obstacles. It’s about creating magic in your life, because you simply won’t accept anything else. It’s about creating a meal out of a near empty fridge to hold the both of you over till a time when you are better off, and this is great. Just know that you can’t drink from an empty cup forever.


In this position, it is most likely a situation, rather than a person, and that outcome is positive. This is snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Savor it.

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