What does THE LOVER tarot card mean in Love Readings?

by Tarot Girl


Love. Passion. Sex. Choice. Soul mate. Temptation. Desire. Lust.


Okay, now we’re Taroting with gas! In a relationship spread, The Lovers card is, of course, unambiguously about love and all the goodies that come with. So, this meaning is very straightforward and does not alter much from a traditional definition. In other types of spreads, it can simply mean “a difficult choice, filled with temptation,” but here it’s all romance. Not insubstantial romance either, or the casual, playful, light romance of The Six of Cups, for example. This is hot and heady stuff, fraught with passion and possibly life-altering choices.

Certain cards strongly affect how and in what way the Lovers will express themselves:

Paired with The Star

You might be a bit blind to the faults of your new love, but not in a negative way. Hold on to that blindness for as long as you can, as in that way lies peace! Flirt with abandon! Go for it! This is a yes if both of these cards are in a spread.

Paired with The Sun

JACKPOT, baby! Let hope reign supreme, but with its best and most sought after companion, FULFILLMENT. This is Happily Ever After time, and one of the most positive and sought after card combinations in Tarot!

Paired with The Devil

With most cards being positive, oh, my! You two are kinksters! Sexual astronauts! Enjoy your well-matched kink!

Paired with Negative Cards

Watch your tendency to become a bit obsessive and overindulgent. Don’t gobble each other up all at once, lest this burn hot and heavy, and then quickly sputter out in a pool of tequila, stale donuts, handcuffs, and sweaty regret. Also, watch out for issues of addiction!

Paired with The Seven of Swords

Temptation and possible infidelity, but of the shallow and selfish sort rather than Soulmate Lightning. Temporary pleasures taken that risk long-term pain. Watch out. Don’t ruin a good thing; think carefully before making a life altering choice!

Paired with The Nine of Cups


Paired with the Two of Cups

You lucky dog. This is considered the most romantic of combinations in Tarot. If there is such a thing as a sure thing, you have drawn it. Enjoy.


Hold on to your knickers! You are in for a fun time! Don’t blow it! Be present; don’t live in the future. Pay attention to how this romance makes YOU feel, rather than how much you want the other person to like you.

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