What does THE HIGH PRIESTESS tarot card mean in Love Readings?

by Tarot Girl


Mystery. Feminine power. Magic. Chastity. An emotionally removed woman. Esoteric knowledge.


Playing it cool, are we? Playing a bit hard to get? You or your interest are holding your cards tightly to your chest, and you have no idea where you stand, or are working hard to keep them guessing! It works, actually, and someone will be eating out of someone else’s hand soon, but you can’t keep up this icy persona forever, nor can you subject yourself to it indefinitely. True emotional intimacy means getting messy, revealing your vulnerabilities, and indulging in the occasional ugly cry.

This is also the card of the Inappropriate Crush. Your boss, your professor, your friend’s spouse, oh my! So many opportunities for you to be miserably unfulfilled! Maybe the inappropriateness of the crush is simply more about wanting someone to be more than they can be, emotional-availability wise. Sometimes we go for Mr. or Ms. Chill when we fear intimacy ourselves. If the object of our adoration is an emotional wall, then we are free to fling ourselves against it in delicious passion and longing without ever having to deal with the complete terror of having your love actually being returned in full measure. If you had a crush on Spock, then this dynamic might be your jam. This is a theme that will come up more than once in this book, as it’s a classic human experience.

One final possibility: looks like sex might not be a priority in this relationship, or what was once very passionate has cooled quite a bit. Before you accuse a partner of not having a high enough libido, pay very close attention to your own behavior as a lover. Always, but always , seek to examine your own behavior first before moving on to blame.


Ah. This is a card of “Stop. Go No Further.” Bummer. When this Mysterious Lady lands in the outcome position, it means that all will not yet be revealed. Sigh. This is NOT the time to keep asking the same question, shuffling and reading and shuffling and reading and shuffling and reading and shuffling and reading and… well, you know this sad and hopeful dance I’m leading here. Not to worry. This is temporary. When you sense movement in the situation, you can pick up those cards again.

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