What does THE EMPRESS tarot card mean in Love Readings?

love readings

by Tarot Girl


Luxury. Opulence. Fertility. Femininity. Romance. Marriage. Home and garden.


Whenever this regal and lux woman shows up in a spread, I inevitably think the same thing: “Hello, Bouncy!”

I can’t help it. The Empress is supposed to be an elegant creature, and she is, but she can also be a bit unaware and clueless, too, as she is used to being taken care of to such a degree that she no longer understands how the rest of us struggle to live. Bubbly and kind and sweet to a fault, this hostess with the mostest is a great deal of fun. However, don’t mistake what seems like wide-eyed innocence for stupidity. She is anything but. She is just pure of intent in a world of cynicism.

But why “Bouncy?” Because this woman is all woman: very feminine, voluptuous, flirty, sexy, and, if you aren’t careful… fertile. This means she is great news if you are looking to become pregnant.

But for the rest of us who aren’t, no need to get nervous. She can also mean traditional romance, as in that frisson that comes with the polar dynamic of male and female gender roles, romantically rather than oppressively expressed. This is doubly true if The Emperor shows up in the same spread. Also, it can be about money and luxury itself, as in having the means to enjoy yourself completely with your partner: to go where you want, do what you want, and the time and freedom to do so. Also, lots and lots and lots of sex! Yay, sex!

If there is a downside to this sweetheart, it’s that she might have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement of which she is completely unaware, simply because she is used to living a very comfortable life. Still, she is a very good hearted, generous soul, indeed. If your crush is this woman, traditionally a blond or a redhead, then go for it. She will be an excellent companion, lover, and muse. Just be sure to treat her to little luxuries as you can, or at least overlook her own small indulgences. If you are the woman in question, enjoy and play up your most feminine aspects, as they will be highly valued by your romantic interest.


Nice! This is one of the small groups of cards that tend to mean “And they lived happily ever after!” Look for these other cards to show up in the reading to confirm this: The Lovers, The Hierophant, The Sun, The Star, The Nine of Cups, The Two of Cups, Aces of Wands or Cups, and any of The King cards of any suit. In answer to “Will I have children?”, this card in the outcome position is considered the strongest indicator of “Yes!” in the deck.

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