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Oppression. Addiction. Obsession. Overindulgence. Difficult commitments.


Okay! So, this one is hard to spin into an upside, for sure, but hey! Once again, there are many facets to the Major Arcana, and even The Devil card can have at least an interesting side.

Here’s an aspect that might be exciting: The Devil is the card of kink! Are you a sexual adventurer? Open minded, as they say? Is your partner as well? GREAT! The Devil card suggests this is going to be an aspect of your romance that will be embraced with gusto.

Another possible positive is that The Devil symbolizes choices that are heavy, but ultimately positive, like taking on a mortgage or a marriage, in spite of being terrified. You are brave and strong and true!

But really, it pretty much stops there. The positive definitions above apply ONLY in a spread that is otherwise sunshine, wine, and roses. I mean it. Everything else in the spread needs to be unicorns and kittens.

If it is a mixed bag of dark and light, take the following cautions to heart: The Devil card shows up in readings where one partner is oppressive to another; is a narcissist; is verbally abusive, cruel or even physically abusive. I truly hope this goes without saying, but if this is the case, put down the cards and go. Don’t read about this anymore. It’s not going to get better. Take care of yourself and immediately get away. You can’t fix this. You can’t make it better.

This is also the card of addiction and overindulgence. If you are unhappy at home, it is natural to attempt to soothe yourself. Just do it in a wholesome way, and yes, wholesome most certainly includes the occasional martini. Occasional is not three a day.


Nope. Bad. No. Just… no.

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