What does THE CHARIOT tarot card mean in Love Readings?

by Tarot Girl


Triumph through might. Strong willpower. Good self control, culminating in victory. Making a choice.


Whoo. You really want this bad. You want it so bad you are somewhat willing to ride a bit roughshod over the feelings of others. There is a chance here that you might think that will sheer force of will you can make your desired outcome happen, but remember, lover, there are two in this tango.

Another, less aggressive interpretation is one of choice. A case where this card might show up in a love spread is under the dilemma of knowing that you have two strong options for love in front of you and knowing that it will soon be time to choose one. This can mean literally two people, or it can mean two lifestyles, such as “Do you stay uncommitted with the potential fun of having all options open to you, or do you take the plunge, commit, and reap the benefits of happy coupledom?”

Just remember, either way, The Chariot is a card of might and self-interest, and those are two things that need to be used very carefully in romance. A light touch works best!


You win! Be a good winner, and remember that others’ feelings matter just as well as your own.

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