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by Tarot Girl

In this lecture, we will briefly explore how to answer the question with the tarot:  should I leave my job?


Now the question is, My job is always interesting to me. Like anything that’s a “will I,” I always react to it. But at the end of the day, if you ask, will I leave my marriage or will I get will I leave my job? These are things for which only you can make that decision.


It’s interesting because it almost tests the tarot in a way that doesn’t like to be tested. Because at the end of the day, will I leave my job?


You could leave your job tomorrow. You don’t need to ask the tarot that that’s yours; there’s no one else. There’s no one else that’s going to interfere with that. That’s what you can do. Some questions are different, like, will I get married? Because that involves the will of someone else, that someone you meet you will get married to.


Where will I make a decision that’s completely up to you anyway? I veer away from those questions. That’s why I like to say, what will the path be or what do I need to know about “leaving my job”?


Let’s get this happening for Rachel. Rachel has come to you and wants to know “if I should leave my job .” are you going to rephrase that for her? What do I need to know about leaving my job? I like putting a time frame on it because she might leave her job at a certain time. What I need to know about “leaving my job in the next 12 months”.



I’m going to split the deck into three. And we do that to get. I like to do it because it gives you that power of three. But it also mixes the cards up even more and gets them on you get your energy on them. We’re going to tune in and say, which one of these?


People have asked if you push me out if you’re picking additional cards. Try to pick them from the original one you got when you cut.


What does Rachel need to know about leaving her job? That’s going to pull a final one for that one. Because it’s a little bit negative, I want to ensure you can see all these.


In the past position, we have the page of pentacles. In the present position, we had the ace of swords. We have the high priestess.  And in the long term, we have the ten wands. We have as an additional car the knight of wands.


Let’s first start by looking at Rachel’s hopes and fears. There’s a beautiful synchronicity between these three cards: the past, the present, and the hopes and fears.


She’s been on a learning journey. She might have already started to learn a little bit about the new kind of job she wants to take. And right now, she feels like she’s got that mental clarity to go ahead and do something new.


It feels like the new thing she wants to do is much more creative because you’ve got that beautiful Empress in the hopes and fears. Her secret or even her sincere desire might be to draw, write, paint, or do something creative. Then she comes to you and says: “yes, I’m looking at doing some healing work and art therapy. I want to do this and pursue this career more.”


Well, wow. You’ve got as the coming up card. You’ve got the high priestess, which suggests not only using your intuition but maybe looking at studying more with psychic development, tapping into your magic more to make it happen. The fact that the Empress is there shows that you’ve got this beautiful creature just bursting to come out.


However, it feels like you are in the knight of swords right now,

which means you’ve had this great idea. You feel ready to leave, but you’re rushing and not thinking things through. And that’s a classic knight of swords thing to do:


Charge off into battle and forget to take your tent. Then, it starts raining, and you get a cold. I can see you’re already. Like you’ve got the physical momentum to rush out there and leave your job. You’ve got the intellectual understanding and clarity. The whole thing for me right now is

There is a pathway to a better career and job that will give you much more happiness. And it feels like it’s very natural there. There are not many blockages except for you rushing around a little bit, just being calm.


And some of this intuitive development helps, and going within having the person, the high priestess, in the same reading is quite lucky because they are very much about that feminine, beautiful energy. So just going in, coming into your heartbeat,

playing with your beautiful magic. And let that be the phase that you’re about to go into.


Around you is a man who may be impacting upon this. Now

to those who don’t know that I will pick an extra card if it’s a card. If I don’t know what it is because it’s in the environment,

it suggests it’s a person, and I don’t need an additional card. That suggests that there could be a man that is impacting this. I want to see if it’s a good or bad impact. Positive or negative?


Someone needs a mentor. So there’s a man around you that can help you make this decision more clearly.


So, it’s not a block. If it were a negative card, it might be a,

It might be her partner, or it might be her boss, or it could be someone, or a father, who is impacting upon it. But because it’s the three of pentacles, which is about learning and studying. It feels like an extra reinforcement of that feeling I got that year. You will be doing something; the cards symbolize that this art therapy is a  good move for you.


Consider this and look around to find a man who can help you. It might not even be someone helping you with the psychic development part. Because he’s not a king of cups, he’s a king of swords. He’s someone who’s going to teach her that practical planning. And she’s probably going to temper some of this nonsense of running around, wanting to conquer the world, and running before we


I’m very guilty of this because this is an Aries card, and I do this a lot. But she feels she’s just researched more about this new plan. You might be saying the cell phone answering question, should she leave her job?


She’s got the brains to do it. Intuitively, I would see how she goes in the next few months by studying her, studying some more psychic development, getting more answers, and building up her understanding of that beautiful creative Empress. There’s nothing here telling me that she should do it right now, but there’s also nothing telling me she shouldn’t.


You might see that it is so big. But that’s the way it’s how I’ve been teaching you throughout this course, is that sometimes it’s that we need things to play out. she needs to go into her beautiful high priestess to become more into understanding the best steps forward. Plus, it’s a double whammy of her business that might have something to do with a new career position and this.


There’s potential here. She needs to ground it and write down all the ideas about leaving. It doesn’t feel like right now they’re saying yes or no. They spend time going within and tapping and tuning into what you want. Find this mentor. Now, again, the masculine-feminine can be confusing in the tarot. It could be a woman who’s incredibly

smart in figuring things out with planning and logistics. You know, all those things you need to consider when you’re leaving your job and starting a new one, but also what the new one will be. And then, when we get to the long term,

it feels to me that like what she needs to know is that she could end up if she leaves on taking too much on.


There could be too many burdens. And the knight of sword suggests, the knight of wands suggests to me that she will leave it. So she doesn’t have to worry. This will help, I won’t; when you ask about leaving a job, the knight of wands generally suggests it will be a career change.


Please don’t feel like she has to carry all this burden to do it at once. I would use this. This card often can mean that you’re not designating responsibility. It can often mean you’re taking on too much and wearing yourself out. she could be doing that. But because I’ve got the little high priestess here, my little intuitive buzz’s feeling that she probably needs to ask her guides and angels a lot more for help.


She needs to take this path is there. She’s trying to do it from the mind. And she needs to do some of it from the mind because they feel she needs to do some practical planning.

But not the I’ve drank five cups of coffee, and I’m channeling wildly Fifty different ideas about what I’m going to do next. But that’s two very different types of mental energy.


It feels like: There’s some grounding of the thoughts that are needed, some practical planning and logistics; however, Don’t get caught up too much in the head; stay in the heart, stay in, you know, think about why it is you want to do it. Drop into that beautiful artistic play, much less creative writing, in your free time.


Just doodle when you go to a coffee shop; stop playing with the energy. Think about expanding on any metaphysical,

spiritual work, and psychic development you will leave. Don’t worry. You can’t say it’s set in stone, but it feels like something is coming in. Ask your guides for a lot of help with the shift. Whatever opportunities you need to come in.



Remember, there’s no. There’s an ace here, but there’s no ace of pentacles, or there’s no necessary victory card. Whatever opportunities you need to come in, ask your guides to help with them because it feels like there’s going to be a change. You’re not going to be. This is the kind of thing I’d say to my clients.


“If you had come and seen me in 18 months,

you would have left that job already. And that decision is going to have been made. You’re going to do it yourself. I suggest that you are not getting ready for another slugfest.”


People who draw the ten wands tend to be people who are a little bit often addicted to taking on too much. I would be careful with that because it feels like she’s beautiful; she’s got some mentors. She’s got some, as I said, she’s got connections to the activity.


A study is going to help. And she’ll make that change but not get too overburdened and feel like she has to do everything herself. Feel willing to ask for help, like go out there and ask anyone you need for help. But leaving a job is a huge thing.

If there’s anyone you know that can help with any aspect of it, then reach out to them and ask for help as well as asking help from your gods and angels. I helped them to understand a little bit more about Rachael leaving her job. As you can see, it’s not a clear-cut reading.


There’s no yes or no. There’s a what do I need to know?


She needs to know that she needs to look out for someone she might know that can help, perhaps do some additional study. And she needs to make sure she’s not running around like a maniac and grounding her ideas a bit.


Do the creative play, and ask for help. And it feels inevitable that she’s going to anyway. But it might be down the track. It might not be in the next few months. It may take place. she is coming to see you in January. That would take place more around October, later in the year.


I hope that’s helped in understanding how to answer a tarot question “should I leave this job, or what do I need to know about leaving this job.”

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