Tarot answers: Should I start looking for a new job?

by Tarot Girl

We will answer the question for a client who’s come to you. Her name’s Sue, and she wants to know about leaving her job; she wants to know if she should start looking for a new job in the next 12 months. She’s just feeling really unhappy and unsatisfied. And she wants to know if she should leave her job and start looking for a new job.


We’re going to do a whole story spread with the tarot we just got. Now, I’d like to get names I like.


  1. what’s your current job? OK,

Sue works for a company called Inspired Home Office, so that’s the name of her job. That’s the energy where she’s at now. she wants to know, should she leave it? Should she be looking for something else?


  1. We’re just going to split the deck into three to disperse that energy into three.

One should say leave her job at inspired homeless. We’re going to rephrase that question, what do we need to know about leaving my job at inspired home ways? What does she need to know about leaving her job at inspired home ways?

We have the seven wands in the past and three pentacles in the present.  hanged man shortly, six swords for you.

We have the four wands as the environment. the ace of pentacles as the new, the hopes and fears, and the Lovers as the outcome.


Because Sue is in a position where she wants to know if she should leave, she hasn’t got anything in mind yet. There’s nothing specific. But we can see from her hopes that she wants a new opportunity.


She wants something new.


Sometimes, when a new thing comes as hope, it can often mean that someone’s hoping for something new, But they haven’t taken any action for anything new. I wanted to share that with you because it’s in the hopes. It’s not something she’s physically doing right now. But she’s hoping that something will come along to solve the recent experiences she’s having right now.


In the past, Sue has felt like she’s had to stake her ground and stand her ground regarding her work environment.


Things have gotten difficult lately and inspired. I hope she feels like she’s under attack. She might be feeling like she’s not necessarily getting along with everyone. There could be problems where she feels like she’s just a bit worn out from defending herself.


I’m jumping forward a little bit. But it’s probably not a good idea for her to think about quitting yet. Right now, she’s in the three pentacles, which is important for you to learn.


I want to make sure she’s not going to go to another job and attract the same situation. I would take what she’s learning right now, whether it be practical learning on how to work in a business-like inspired home way or even just that spiritual learning—but just learning what she needs from the people there.


Because the three is about growth. It takes the good from the job. I wouldn’t think about rushing away now because she’s got the four wands in her environment. This is interesting because it feels like you’re standing your ground, and the environment is quite friendly.


She returns to you and says, “I love the customers. There are a few staff I’m having issues with, but I like the customers. I’ve got regulars that always come in, and they could be my friends.”


So that’s that happiness and that welcoming that you feel like she feels like she belongs in there. I would say,


“Sue, let’s learn about how that feels because you decide on the next job opportunity. If you eventually decide to leave, you want to ensure you’re attracting that same situation again. Keep learning about how you connect with people and how that makes you happy because you might decide to change careers. And that could put you in good stead.


So, focus on the positive this of this environment.”


She’s moving away from the harshest time. There’s a bit of residual fight or flight that she’s got from having, from standing her ground, from some of these colleagues with whom she’s had a few problems.


I would say,


“Look, I know that you felt a bit unhappy and felt like you were pushed to quit and look for something better. But for now, you’re moving away from the worst of it. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to come back again.”


No card here suggests that there’s a conflict on the cards again. Because you’ve got the hanged man shortly, I would take a moment just to be still doesn’t feel like it’s the right time to leave yet, even though I know you want to.


I think you should. There’s some more information.

Some things are working behind the scenes that you haven’t seen yet. It could be that this person you had a conflict with leaves, or the company expands. And there are more opportunities to go and work in another location that you like

just as much or even better. And because you stayed, you were able to get that opportunity.


Look, moving away from harder times, be still for the next few months. You don’t need to go out there and make any decisions. Learn what you can learn from the beautiful positive environment. Then as you get later down the track, The lava’s is about connecting.


When you’re asking a question, it’s about making decisions from the heart. I would go in for Sue and say, yes, you might be ready to make a decision, a bit more ready in the light of months.


But please make that decision from the heart. Please don’t make it because you’ve been stressed from a few negative experiences. Make it because I like my heart’s ready to go on now. My heart’s ready to open up and to do something new and different. In any choice, make sure you’re dropping in your heart first. You’re not making it out of desperation, anger, revenge, or whatever crazy ego might want to do.


Make sure you are using this time to think about the things you love about this job. Write a list of everything this job does that brings you happiness and can put you even more in the heart. So that you can, if you do decide to make a new opportunity for yourself or start looking for a new job, that this is something that’s done from,

you are starting with a strong foundation. Heart, Foundation, not just starting with already negative energy.


So that’s what I would communicate to Sue. You need to stay still for now and enjoy what’s there. The past is gone. It’s not coming back. It doesn’t feel like this stuff’s going to happen again. It feels like you’re in the perfect place for you right now.

And you might get to later in the year and feel like there might be a change or a shift.


Make sure you’re always in your heart because you don’t know with this one. Because this could suddenly get like this. This pausing of hers could make her so many other great things coming in that she decides she loves this job and doesn’t want to leave.


Just hold off on the decisions for now. If you make one, do it from the heart later. I hope that’s helped you understand how to do a reading for Sue on should I leave this job. What I’d like to do now is I’m going to do,


I’ve spoken to you about the Angel ANSYS card and how I like these. Give me the yes if someone is adamant about the yes/no. Please. I don’t want any of this spiritual stuff. What do I need to know? Let’s do a yes or no about leaving the job.


Should I leave the job? Now there are a couple of ways you can do this. This is readily Ballantine’s Angel ANSYS.


There are a couple of ways you can do this. Let’s start by

looking at Roy. And Roy comes to you, and Roy wants to, but no luck.

Should I leave my job? Yes/no?

Let’s shuffle, get your energy in the beautiful cards, and ensure all is the highest good for Roy. Especially with the when questions because they are with the should I and the yes/no. Get that highest good energy infused in there for Roy. Let’s have a look.


Should Roy leave his current job? Name the job to say the job is BP. should Roy leave BP?

But at the same time. I’m going to, that’s the yes.

And that’s the No. OK, now this is so interesting; I want to make sure you can read that. the yes wants to stick to it, and the no says no. And the yes is being assertive, big happy changes.

The no is no need to worry. Now, this is a classic example where it’s not going to give you a yes. No, it’s just saying what you need to make the most out of this situation.


If he is assertive in his current position, there will be a big happy change. So that’s a good one. If he says if he goes no or doesn’t leave his job, there’s no need to worry. This suggests that there’s no best possible answer for Roy. It suggests that things aren’t happy right now in your current job because you’re not being assertive enough. If you’re assertive enough, it feels like you could love this job better, and you might not want to leave. However, if you make that decision, you want to leave; you don’t have to worry about that. You know, there’s no need to worry.


It’s not going to be a bad decision either way. People can be freaked out about this stuff because. We don’t like the idea that there will be two potentially OK options. It’s either going to be bad or good. We’re thinking of polarities.


Roy is like: well, it’s either good or bad. It can’t be both. They can’t be. And both options are OK as long as he follows his guidance to be assertive, and his job will improve.

And then, if you are still unhappy and leave, there’s no need to worry. It’s still a good move, anyway. And that’s happened to me before.


I’ve left jobs and haven’t necessarily gone on to better jobs, just different jobs. If Roy wants that solid one, it’s not saying a definite yes or no. It’s just saying this is the pathway to get what you want. Both options will not bring you unhappiness as long as the first option. You make sure you are being assertive.


I love these cards; sometimes, even when the client desperately wants you to know, each still wants to give you some spiritual wisdom. I want to give you some advice.

OK, so Aron’s come to you, and it’s just again, he wants a quick look.


Should I leave my job? Yes or no? Say, Aaron, should Aaron be the lady’s job. What will be the outcome if Aaron leaves his job? When I get ones like that, I’m like: I don’t need to go any further. That’s a no. Don’t leave your job. You don’t need to pick a second one. You don’t need to test it. It would help if you said no, don’t leave your job.


That’s if someone wants a very quick look. That’s how they get it with something as simple as that. No further readings are even needed. But as you can see, I don’t prefer doing it these ways, because I like to get more information. The answer is no, don’t leave your job, Aron.

That helps me understand how to do readings when people ask if they should leave their job.

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