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You’ll encounter several symbols as you learn more and more about Reiki. Given that you may have seen Kanji written in the Japanese language, you have probably seen comparable ones in other methods. There are five traditional symbols used in Reiki therapy.
Dr. Mikao Usui had the idea for the symbols near the end of his 21-day fast, which led to their introduction as a component of the Reiki system in 1922. However, it has been said that they have far older beginnings because they existed at the time that Dr. Usui was still researching the development of Reiki. Since then, the symbols have developed into crucial tools in the Reiki healing community.

Five standard Reiki symbols

It’s crucial to keep in mind the five symbols that have been accepted as traditional when attempting to understand Reiki. These symbols stand for the various facets of Reiki and how they might support you on your path. They are thought of as the keys that will unlock the entrances to higher states of consciousness. They are revered and regarded as holy as a result. These were not disclosed to the general public in the past. These days, everyone can see the symbols.
Keep in mind that these symbols don’t have any special abilities as you learn more about them. For masters and students, they serve more as a means of guidance so that they can concentrate on the energy that resides inside them. They comprise a component of the Reiki’s energy field.


The cho ku rei symbol, commonly known as the “power” symbol, denotes one’s power’s growth and decline. It appears like a coil and is thought to be the energy’s regulator during its expansion and contraction. The light switch is what it’s aiming for. The power sign can demonstrate to its users its capacity to enlighten or illuminate them on a spiritual level, depending on where it is drawn.


The goal of the “harmony” sign is purification. It’s also referred to as the sei hi ki and it’s used to promote mental and emotional recovery. The wave flowing across the ocean or the fluttering of a bird’s wing are two examples of the harmony symbol.


The aspiration for timelessness is symbolized by the “distance” symbol, or hon sha ze sha. It appears as a tower known as a pagoda. It represents someone’s capacity to share their qi even when the recipients are not on the same physical plane because it may be used to transfer energy across distances.


The “master” sign, sometimes called dai ko myo, stands for all that is Reiki. The symbol represents the users who have advanced through the levels to ultimately become masters and is presented as a mix of many symbols. As they start attunements, they not only impart what they have learnt but also heal.


The aim for closure is represented by the “complete” symbol, also known as raku. A lightning bolt is used to represent the sign. After the attunement is complete and the users see this sign, they have reached the end of their ascending trip.

How to Utilize Symbols

You must understand how the symbols are employed in Reiki now that you have studied what they represent and what they symbolize.

Power Sign

It can act as a catalyst for a number of activities, including physical cleansing and purification, for the power symbol. It can be used by someone to sharpen their focus and attentiveness. But more importantly, it is frequently utilized to increase the practitioner’s strength before the start of a Reiki healing session. Healing wounds is a wonderful approach to observe how the power symbol functions. When you succeed in developing the power symbol, it will be able to treat all minor and severe wounds as well as relieve pain.
When attempting to banish unfavorable energy, the power sign can also be used. Since it represents purification, using the power sign effectively should result in an increase in positive energy. This means that with the aid of the power you will receive from the latter, relationships, fortunes, and karma can all be purged.

Harmony Icon

People can employ the harmony symbol to heal from traumatic experiences and negatively affecting past events. It is used by practitioners to treat depression, addiction, and blocked creative energy.
The harmony symbol can also assist you in maintaining focus and memory while you are trying to gather information from multiple sources. It is meant to assist you, for instance, if you want to remember all you have read in a book or the Reiki stps without having to consult too many resources.
The harmony sign has been shown to be effective in the treatment of addictions. As a result, you can break bad habits and adopt healthy ones because this sign gives you a far better perspective on yourself.

Dimensional Symbol

The distance symbol is used by practitioners to assist clients with dealing with their own concerns. One can learn to be more at ease with others even when they are not in the same room, for instance, when they have identification issues.
Moreover, it can be used to transport energy over long distances. Despite not being on the same physical level, the sender and the recipient can nonetheless communicate through the spiritual realm.
However keep in mind that the distance symbol needs to be applied appropriately in order for it to function. If you don’t use it properly, you won’t get anything out of it.

Chief Symbol

It serves as a tool for the master symbol to achieve enlightenment. This is useful, especially when Reiki masters are giving attunements to individuals who want to practice the art and advance through its levels. The sign can also be used by self-healers to learn how to combine the abilities of other symbols.
The master sign, one of the five classic Reiki symbols, is regarded as crucial because, in addition to the advantages mentioned above, it is useful for practicing Reiki meditation, enhancing intrapersonal relationships, boosting immunity, and healing your physical body.

The final symbol

The completion symbol is then employed to draw a conclusion and help the energy that has been awakened rise. It symbolizes a person’s progression from being a mere pupil to a master. They notice an energy flow within themselves that is different from anything they have ever felt in earlier stages.
When your Reiki session is about to end, you might use this symbol. You can mark off the tasks that needs to be done during the session by drawing or visualizing the completion symbol.
The symbols are used by imprinting them on objects that will serve as reminders for Reiki practitioners while they conduct healing sessions. For instance, some would print them on posters while others might hang little tags from the ceiling as decorations. This is a technique to communicate to everyone that symbols are all around them, enabling them to fulfill their purposes and goals with each session.

Combine the powers of symbols

But, do not imagine using one Reiki sign at a time. In fact, you can combine the powers of two or more symbols to conduct a number of healing techniques that other remedies do not provide. Sending Reiki for a significant event in your life that is coming up is an illustration of this. As the time is about to come, you will be able to feel more focused and enlightened by combining the helpful symbols.
Another illustration is when you attempt to heal someone while you are apart. They may experience distress or grief, to be more precise. The abilities of the symbols can then be combined by holding something that makes you feel particularly connected to the subject. To convey Reiki energy and let the person know that you are performing the healing procedure with a strong and good intention, you will either draw or envision the symbols.
Modern technology allows you to add the symbols to your technical equipment, further integrating them into your life. In this manner, you can check your device to view the symbols in case something goes wrong and remind yourself that everything will be well. Hence, if your day is not going well or if you simply need a break, take a look at the symbols, keep in mind why you are acting the way you are, and continue.
You can employ the conventional Reiki symbols as you gain mastery of Reiki by having them available to you.

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