Structure of the Tarot- The Major and Minor Arcana

by Tarot Girl

we’ll be looking at the difference between the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, and I’ll be helping.

Major Arcana

You understand which card readings are more effective for which situations and which cards will represent certain events and situations, and which are more deeply spiritual lessons.So Arcana means knowledge, and the Major Arcana is a major knowledge. So this is your spiritual lesson in this lifetime. These are the lessons that everybody has to go through and that you will have multiple opportunities to experience throughout the cycles of your life.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana is the knowledge that those are events, situations, and experiences that can take place in your life and are not necessarily spiritually based. Still, they’re more than practical, grounded events and situations that will unfold. So, as I said, the Minor is the events and these situations and experiences that take place, that are things like weddings, new jobs coming up, moving house, all those kinds of practical, earthy matters that happen as well as how the elements of fire, water, earth and air Impact upon our everyday experience as a human being., The Major Arcana will offer more spiritual lessons.


So those are things like faith, surrender, the healing power of solitude, wisdom, death, rebirth, healing your shadow, and patience. These are just some of the many lessons that Major Arcana offers you. So what is the Major Arcana when you’re looking at a deck of Tarot cards? On the bottom, the Major Arcana all have a term that refers to the main theme behind the card. So, as you can see from these four cards, we have the strength of the star, the magician, and the Hermit. The Major Arcana cards are sometimes referred to as trumps in some decks. So, if you hear that term in Tarot, that’s what it means. The Major Arcana.


The Minor Arcana is a little bit more complicated.

So please listen clearly or take notes at this point. There are 56 cards, and they are divided into four suits; suits are wands, swords, cups, and pentacles. So you can see from this picture here we have the wands on the far left. We have the swords. Next to that, we have the cups. Next to that, and then we have the pentacles on the last one.

the pentacles are often sometimes called disks as well. So if you’ve heard that term, that’s what that refers to. And they always number from ACE to 10. So it’s a bit similar to playing cards, and some people can read Tarot the way they read playing cards. They use that similarity. So if you think ace to 10 is the Minor Arcana, the suits are wands. Swords, cups, and pentacles. And each of these suits represents a different element of life, and the reading will reflect that.


The Minor Arcana also includes court cards.

which are the page, the knight, the queen, and the king of the suit. Please note that in some decks, the Minor Arcana court cards are sometimes called differently. They might be called the page or the princess or the page and the knight., So just keep that in mind, but in the righter away, they are the page, the knight, the queen, and the king of the suit.


This is the most important thing to remember about doing readings and trying to understand the difference between the Major and the Minor Arcana. Minor Arcana cards can be changed; they’re not set in stone. So if I give you a reading and there are a lot of Minor Arcana cards, there might be some things in there that you’re feeling a bit frightened about or that you’d like to change.

You can do that with the Minor Arcana. If you shift your beliefs, you can change what goes on in your future, and in your reading, they’re not set in stone. However, the Major Arcana these are set in stone because they are your spiritual lessons, and as human beings on this planet, we all need to learn these to grow and evolve in consciousness. The universe will always give you amazing opportunities, again and again, and again, to learn your Major Arcana lessons.

learn your Major Arcana lessons

So if you pull a lot of Major Arcana lessons and resist the lesson that comes with that card, it will give you another opportunity to learn it again, so it isn’t set in stone. For that reason, one day, eventually, you’ll need to transform by learning that lesson. So negative cards with the Major Arcana can be transformed into something lighter. If you are willing to take on the spiritual lesson., Please don’t be concerned at this very early stage. If this is all not clear.


As we go through, and I start introducing the Major and the Minor Arcana. you’ll understand exactly what I mean because you’ll see when I’m going through the Minor Arcana.

while there are spiritual lessons in the cards, they’re not as concrete And set in stone as the big Major Arcana card. So you’ll be very clear as we start progressing. At this stage, all you need to understand is that the Major Arcana are your spiritual lessons. the Minor Arcana are events that take place.

Major Arcana,Are lessons set in stone that you can choose to learn and that you can transform.

they will always support you and your soul here on earth in learning and evolving? The Minor Arcana are events that can be changed.

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