Shuffling and Picking a Signifactor

by Tarot Girl

Today I will talk about shuffling alternatives, cutting a deck, and picking a significant one if you want to do something.

Cutting the deck

let’s start first with this concept of cutting the deck. I cut it into three when I’m doing readings.This is for several reasons. One, because the decks quite big, and you might have limited space. And the second reason is that it just dispels that energy
, and you get that beautiful power of three. you can do this whether you’re doing it with a client or whether you’re doing it on your own, and you’re doing a distance reading, like a zoom reading, whether or not you are physically able to touch the cards, or find reading or an email writing.

We shuffle and ask the questions that you shuffle the cards and answer the question. And then you stop. You’re one, two, three, and then you get the client to pick a deck, or you pick it on their behalf. you ask the question again and intuitively feel which one you want to go to, right? It’s not the deck.

OK. And you pick all the cards from there. And if you need additional cards, keep picking them from there unless, in the unlikely event, you’ve run out, like in case you put a little tiny deck. It sometimes does happen. So, stick to the same deck.

Now a significant is where, and I’ve had students reach out to me and ask me about this significant concept, and do I do it or don’t I do it. It’s purely a personal choice, in my experience. Some readers do it; some readers don’t do it.

sometimes people are looking for a concrete answer like, is it right or wrong? For me, the tarot and the journey to being a reader is an incredibly intuitive personal journey. There’s no right or wrong as long as you’re not hurting anyone. So, if you want to do it, then do it. If you don’t, then don’t. And try both ways.
So, try it where you feel like, OK

I picked a significant one at the beginning, and it’s working.

My reading started flowing better. Or if you tried it and they haven’t worked, then go, no, that hasn’t worked. That doesn’t feel right to me. So, why do you pick a significant one? It can be several things.

Like the first one, it can be like the star sign representing that person, or it can even be a version of that star sign. So, I used to have a reader that I used to go and see. And she would ask me what my star sign was. And because sometimes she’d forget, even though I was regular, because she’s there a lot of people.

I eliminate it. And so, she would pull out the queen of wands. Now, traditionally, obviously, the queen of wands is more loyal. But she would go female Firesign identifying as female Firesign and then pick that card. And so, she would roll the rating from there.

Now, I tried that, and it didn’t work for me. It didn’t resonate with my readings.

However, I do love picking a theme. Now I will say and pick a significant theme. So that’s where I click the deck open, which is the theme I kick off the reading for.

Some of you might get a bit frustrated that you want things to be either right or wrong or yes or no.
I don’t always do it. It’s an intuitive-based thing. Sometimes, I’m shuffling for a client, and I’ll suddenly be. And soon as I meet them, I’m like, yep, I need a theme,

especially if you don’t know what it is that they’re here to see you about. So, to pick a theme as a significant what I do,

it’s very, very easy. It’s to keep the reading off to say I’ll shuffle.
And I’m asking on behalf of Ted and Ted are just asking what I need to know about my career. So that is a reading is very general. And I shuffle. I hand it to them, and they shuffle.
And then, when they hand it back to me, I want to look straight away and say what energy they’ve got. OK, so straight away, we’ve got death.

So, that’s an obvious one to kick off the reading. OK, Ted, so that I can see that it feels like there’s something that’s been a big change. And in your life, and it’s been very confronting,
and it feels like there’s going to have to be some acceptance of it. But whatever’s happened is going to be for the better.

I know that might feel hard when you’re in it, but it feels like there’s been something that’s happened that is beyond your control, beyond your circumstances. And it’s going to help you.
It’s going to help you in the long run, but it might feel a bit painful now, It could be a transformation that needs a rebirth.

So that’s just how I kick off the reading. ,I will divide it into three and get them to pick bang, bang, bang. And he picks that one, I spread. Then get him to pick the cards. OK, so that’s how they hand the cost to me individually.

That’s how you can do the significant if that works well; that worked well for me. And as I said intuitively, sometimes. I do it. It feels right. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right. You will know from your beautiful tarot journey which way you want to do it. And if you want to know a concrete block, if you have that kind of person that signs you guys, can you tell me yes or no?


Practice yourself.

Initially, I would avoid it because I don’t want to overwhelm you. But if you feel more confident, practice your readings
where you already know the answers. And then say, hey, did that thing make sense to what’s happening in my life? And then practice, see how that works, and kick off your reading that way. That’s one way you can see if it’s something you feel will work for you.So, again, there’s no yes or no; you don’t have to do it.

If it feels right, then do it. I don’t always do it. And I know that people would be frustrated, like, oh, say it, say yes or no. But I’ve learned from my journey working with other readers that no reader does things the same. And sometimes, even in their ways and rituals, they flip things and do things differently. It’s guided by what’s flowing for the reading.

I hope that’s helped with some shuffle alternatives and picking a significant one.

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