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UPsychic protection is extra importantPsychic protection is extra importantIn this section, we’re going to look at Psychic Protection.

Please take note: I do consider this one of the most important lectures to go through before you start giving readings, as psychic protection is something that is incredibly important.

It’s almost like not having psychic protection is like going sailing without knowing how to swim.

So please make sure that before you start reading, you have covered this section for your own safety and protection.

So what is psychic protection?

Psychic protection is the act of energetically protecting yourself, and you can do it through rituals, through crystals, through prayer, or through energy shielding.

It’s a way to make sure that you’re not taking on the energy of anyone else.

It’s very important to do in any situation daily, but it’s extra important when you’re doing readings.

Why do you need psychic protection before you do readings?

We are all energy

If you start reading for someone else and you’re connecting to spirit and connecting to source, you can actually start taking on their problems if you’re not probably psychically protected.

So it’s a little bit like if you run into someone in the street and they’re feeling sad and depressed because they’re having a hard time at work.

You might find that if you’re not protected energetically, you might start taking that on and start having problems with yourself at work.

You really need to protect yourself even on a daily basis from other people’s energy, especially from negative people, people that can train you, and people that demand a lot from you.

So if you do that on a daily basis, you keep your own energy and your own strength strong, and you won’t feel like you have to take on other people’s problems as much.

Psychic protection is extra important

Psychic protection is extra important for people that do readings. This is because when you’re opening up to spirit, you’re opening up to entities coming in and giving you negative energy as well.

Please don’t be scared. If you protect yourself, that’s not a problem. However, it is important to know that once you open up to the light and to spirit, other entities can come in. They can make you feel negative, they can drain you, and they can attach to you.

So I often see intuitive workers and healers, for example, and nurses and physiotherapists; they have a lot of entities on them because they pick up a lot of that when they’re around people that are suffering.

If you’re vulnerable and if you’re tired, then you’ll pick it up even more.

So please make sure that if you’re doing any kind of reading, you are psychically protected. People often ask me, “Do I need psychic protection for myself if I’m reading for myself?”

All I would say about that is that if you’re going to pull just one card for yourself casually, you don’t need to go through a whole ritual; you’re just pulling one card.

That’s fine, but if you are going to sit down and give yourself a proper reading,

If you are going to be opening up the spirit to give more information through the cards, then please sit down and do a quick, you know, 2-minute ritual just to give yourself some energetic protection.

As I mentioned previously, I think it’s important to protect yourself every day anyway, just from the energy of normal people going out into civilization and having to interact with people.

So the following prayer is called the Unity Church prayer, and it’s the one that I love to use before I do any kind of reading for myself or for others.

As I mentioned previously, if the term “God” doesn’t resonate with you for whatever reason, please replace it with “spirit,” “universe,” “creator,” “source,” or whatever works for you.

the prayer goes:

The light of God surrounds me.

The love of God enfolds me.

The power of God protects me.

The presence of God watches over me.

The mind of God guides me.

The life of God flows through me.

The laws of God direct me.

The power of God abides within me.

The joy of God uplifts me.

The strength of God renews me.

The beauty of God inspires me.

Wherever I am, God is!

these prayers will give you extra protection before you do a reading to help you disconnect from any energy that could be negative for you.

I will include it as part of the PDF of this lecture so you can print it out for your own use. Other really fantastic ways to protect yourself are by using visualization.

Effective ways of energetically buffering yourself

So you can simply surround yourself in white light, or one of my favorites is to actually surround myself in layers of pink rays of unconditional love, layers of golden Christ-consciousness, and layers of Archangel Michael, who’s an archangel who protects humanity with his royal blue protection.

So these are really effective ways of energetically buffering yourself against dark entities and dark energy.

If you feel funny or drained after doing a reading, one thing you can do is go to God’s light.

Universal, or any entity or energy that’s come in while you’ve been reading needs to go, and the other thing you can do is stomp on the ground five times.

This is something I do really effectively to ground myself. You can burn essential oils like sandalwood and frankincense, and you can use sage sticks, which are smudge sticks, to get rid of dark energy.

Incense like Frankincense and sandalwood are really inexpensive ways to clear your energy.

And holding crystals like black tourmaline or smokey quartz. In fact, having these kinds of crystals around you is a really great way to keep your readings protected and your energy protected while you’re giving readings.

Cut yourself off from the energy

Now one thing that is essential to do after every reading is to cut yourself off from the energy that you’ve connected to.

So as I said, if you’re just pulling one card for yourself, that’s fine, but if you’re doing a proper reading for yourself or connecting for someone else, then you can rinse off.

And ways of rinsing off are here. you can imagine a shower of white light washing that energy off into the earth. do it by cutting symbols all around yourself to cut off the energy. simply ask the angels to cut off any energy from that source. Us all these other techniques we’ve talked about, like burning incense and that, will also help improve that.

After doing the reading

If you find that you’re thinking about someone and can’t stop thinking about them after doing the reading, it might be that you are still connected to them.

So just rinse off, and that will protect you for future readings. And I will rinse off between each reading to make sure that the energy of what I’m reading is only the energy of the person that I’m connected to, and then the next client.

They’ll have fresh energy. So it’s all protected. So, to recap, psychic protection is extra important to do, especially if you are doing readings for people.

You need to do it because you want to make sure you’re not accessing any dark entities or dark energy, and it’s also really good to ground yourself afterwards by rinsing off.

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