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Faith, chance-taking, foolishness, and things that work out in spite of lack of savvy. Risking all. Fearlessness. Spiritual Journey.


Oh, The Fool. If he is the Querent (the question asker): his heart is sewn to his sleeve with the reddest of threads! His utter willingness to throw himself into love without being mindful of the possible painful consequences is the stuff of romantic legend! Conversely, maybe you are blind to the faults of your paramour? Maybe you have a crush on an appealing and quirky character that falls somewhere between eccentric artist and goofily appealing man-child (or ageless manic pixie)? This lover will be unlike your usual fare, and he or she might baffle and frustrate, as well as excite you, if you are the rescuing type (don’t be the rescuing type).

It’s likely that they are great fun, and very inventive in the sack, while also scattered and a bit disorganized in their life, and yes, a bit immature. Still, fun; that is until you realize you might slowly be turning into “Mom.”

Watch out if The Fool is paired with The Devil, as this can suggest addiction, or The Magician, as this can suggest that The Fool’s innocent exterior hides a clever con artist.

If this card appears in a reading with The Five of Pentacles or The Emperor, watch out for a “bad boy” addiction. Trying to win the heart of the unwinnable will only bring you heartache.

As a situation, it can mean complete and utter faith on the part of the Querent that “things are being handled” by the Universe. Sometimes it’s a very good thing to just let go and have faith in best outcomes, if only because it allows the Beloved to come to you, rather than chasing after someone. (That’s also the job of The Hanged Man, whom we will visit shortly.)


Whoo, boy. Nothing is certain or settled here. Keep a positive attitude, pay attention, and make sure you are not letting your deeply romantic heart blind yourself to a bouquet of red flags being thrust in your face. In an otherwise very positive spread, see this card as a sign to back off a bit… to let go and let them come forward and do a bit of the heavy lifting for a bit. This is a dance for you both to enjoy, rather than a forced march!

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