Key Words in Tarot Reading

by Tarot Girl

we’ll be looking at some key terms I’ll use throughout the course. The first term is Spread. When we talk about Tarot spreads, we’re talking about how you spread out the cards to get a reading and interpret that reading. Different kinds of spreads can include one card spread.

The Celtic cross is a horseshoe spread, a three-card spread, and a multiple-choice spread. That’s what we’re talking about when we are positioning the cards in a particular way, drawing a certain amount, and placing them down in front of us. That’s what we refer to as a spread.

When I mentioned the position of cards, I was talking about where the card is in the space. For example, if the card is in the past post, this would go on in the past. For the person you’re reading for, and if it’s in the future position, it’s going to be what will happen in the next few months. When I refer to it depending on the part of the cards, I’m talking about where they are in the Spread and which position they are in.

meaning of the card

Most of the spreads, like the Celtic Cross, the horseshoe, and even the three-card space spread, have particular positions that represent Certain things when you’re interpreting a card. Tune in means connecting with a spirit or source to get a spiritual answer for someone when asking a question about the Tarot cards. Often, when I’m reading, I’ll be tuning in by touching the card . or I will aski spirit what other answers I need that go deeper than the actual literal meaning of the card. You can often tune in to the heart and get answers when there are multiple interpretations of the card, and you’re not sure which one is the right.


When I talk about getting A Hit, a hit is where you get the correct answer, so where something feels like. Yes, that’s right, I got a hit, and the client will confirm and say: yeah, that’s spot on. That’s a hit. And channeling is connecting to a spirit or source to get information, so you’re connecting to a non-physical entity. Someone who’s not a human can use that energy and channel that communication and wisdom. To give that advice to your client or to get that for yourself. Karma is an interesting word, and it sometimes is used in different ways and can have multiple interpretations. Most of us know karma is you know what you put into the universe. You get back. If you steal from someone, then it’s likely that someone will steal from you, which is a fundamental generic understanding of karma and accurate.

karmic contracts here on earth

However, more profound lessons of karma can come in for your karmic contracts here on earth.

You can have what’s called past life things that you have decided and before you incarnated to make up for in this lifetime, and this can come through A lot in Tarot readings.

You can see connections between karmic relationships between you and other people. In a relationship reading, for example, one of the karmic cards might come up, and it would be very apt to say to your client look.


There’s a lot of past-life connection with this. This is part of your destiny to learn this lesson with this person. That’s how we’ll refer to karma in the course—your master. Lessons are lessons that we’re all here to learn here on earth. These include things like forgiveness and compassion, faith and surrender.

Those more profound lessons that we’re all meant to know. Some people will only evolve and learn some of those lessons. Some people will have very particular ones that they need to focus on, but they’re.

The lessons that you had decided on a massive level before you were born that you would try to master in this lifetime. for example, some people can go through their whole lives and never have a problem with money.So that’s someone who doesn’t need to master abundance in this lifetime.

learn about abundance

They’ve probably done it in another lifetime., Whereas someone else might have incredible debt and poverty consciousness. One of their master’s lessons is to learn about abundance. Now God’s Word is a bit tricky, and I will use it in and out.

even though I’m not traditionally what is known as a Christian. The word does come in, and please use whatever words are comfortable for you, creator, universe, source spirit, whatever uses for you. Whatever you connect with is the best word you can use in this process.


And the final term.

I want to talk about Psychic Protection and Ethics.

Psychic Protection is when you protect yourself from other people’s energy. This is incredibly important in everyday life, but also extra important if you’re doing readings on other people. These are different prayers and rituals, crystals and stones. Things you can use to ensure you don’t get too drained and exhausted by doing psychic readings.


And when I talk about Ethics, I’m talking about who you should be reading for, when you should be reading . When is not the most fantastic time for your best and highest good to be reading. It’s a bit of just trying to understand the morality behind giving Tarot readings.

ensure that you’re doing what is for the best and highest good for yourself and others. To recap: these are some of the terms we will use throughout the course.

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