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Big decision. Clarity with understanding. Leaving a dark time and entering a better phase of life. Choosing to let go of what no longer works. Absolution.


The Judgment card is a very welcome card in any Tarot spread, especially as an outcome card. This is a card of promise that, after spending time in confusion, uncertainty, fear, or worry, you come to a fresh understanding that is a welcome comfort, relief, and new lease on life.

In a troubled relationship, it is a card that speaks of deepening connection, forgiveness, good communication, and “Okay, let’s do this thing!”-thinking.

This is a card about picking a side and making a choice. Choosing is important. Ambivalent feelings about a relationship are very damaging if they go on too long. If you or your partner have one foot in, and one foot out, it feels like you are playing it safe and protecting yourself or another from hurt, or controlling the flow of the relationship, but it actually is very eroding. It can create the very thing that keeps you fearful in the first place.

Ambivalence keeps things from deepening, emotionally, and it also stifles the small, comforting, everyday “we are in this together”-feelings and pleasantly conspiratorial experiences that make a relationship feel real, safe, and sturdy enough to stand on. It creates insecurity and neediness even in the most stalwart heart. It kills passion.

When you aren’t really choosing, nothing grows between you. Untapped potential stops ripening on the vine and starts to whither, instead.

Judgment is coming down off the fence after much reflection and saying, “Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I am here, and I want you with me.” As scary as that can feel, it creates a safe space, emotionally, to find out a romance’s true potential. This is a great place to be, and this card suggests that you choose and, in turn, are chosen. You forgive and are forgiven. Slate cleaned and moving forward! What you do with that opportunity is up to you!


Clarity after confusion! The clouds part! You choose to go forward or you choose to leave , but, in the act of choosing, you find happiness and peace.

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