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by Tarot Girl

All of us know what intuition is, and most of us can confidently say that we have experienced it at some point in our lives. Defining intuition is another matter. One of the reasons defining intuition can be difficult is that we often refer to it by other names.

Here are some of the many ways that we refer to intuition:

  • I had a hunch…
  • I had a gut feeling…
  • I listened to my heart…
  • I listened to my inner voice…

Examples of intuitive experiences include:

  • You had to make a decision, and you had a feeling about which would be the best choice.
  • You had a feeling that someone you know was in trouble or needed help, though you had no facts or evidence to back up your feelings.
  • When the phone rang, you felt you knew who the caller was.
  • Out of nowhere, you had a thought that you should do something or check up on something.
  • You get guidance from within as to what to do in a certain situation.

Meaning of intuition

Intuition can be understood as direct knowing or inner knowing. Direct knowing or inner knowing is a knowing that occurs without us thinking about it. If you are deciding on whether to buy item A or item B, you would normally engage in the process of thinking about it. You may think about the price differences between the two items, the differences in their quality, how your choice will impact your budget, and engage in similar lines of thought.

There are other times when you do not even have to decide. Instantly, you know which item to buy. There is no analysis needed in making your decision. Even if your decision makes no logical sense, you know which item is right for you. Of course, intuition can play a role in an infinite number of other situations.

Intuition is a psychic power because it allows us to gain information that our five senses cannot perceive. I remember driving home when I gained information that my wife was upset about something. Other than my intuition, I had no reason to suspect that she was unhappy. I had not spoken to her, nor were there any issues when I had left the house that morning. Further, my intuition came out of the blue. I had not given any thought to my wife’s welfare when I was at work that day. Sure enough, when I arrived home, I discovered my wife was indeed unhappy.

Difference between intuition and thought

A common question has to do with the difference between intuition and thought. How do you know if the information you are getting is from intuition and not from thought? Well, the information from intuition emerges without us having to think about it.

Another way to tell the difference between intuition and thinking involves the element of emotion. When you think about something relevant to you, it is accompanied by an emotion. I may meet someone and have a thought that this person cannot be trusted. With that thought, I may feel concern or fear.

When you tap into your intuition, you will experience it without any emotional entanglement. It will be a pure knowing that is received calmly. In fact, having a calm mind will expand your access to your intuition. This is why we often have an intuitive moment when we are taking a bath, daydreaming, or simply relaxing.

You and I are multidimensional beings, meaning that we occupy different levels of consciousness at any given moment. At our most essential level, we are pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is free of thought. Pure consciousness is unlimited potential, and it is the source of all manifestations, including ourselves. It also contains all the information about the universe.

In our manifested form, we are individuated expressions of pure consciousness. This means that our physical form is a manifestation of pure consciousness. The unlimited potential of pure consciousness has been restricted so that we can experience the world. This restriction of consciousness is necessary, as pure consciousness only experiences oneness. Unlike pure consciousness, which is unlimited in its ability to take in information, we cannot do the same in our manifested forms. The restriction of our awareness is necessary in order to prevent us from becoming overloaded with information.

Power of intuition

Intuition is our direct connection to our essential nature. It allows us to tap into the vast storehouse of information that is pure consciousness, which is why it lacks an emotional component. When we experience intuition, we are experiencing the purity of the higher consciousness realms, while the experience of emotions is restricted to our manifested consciousness.

Psychic powers are how intuition communicates to us; they are the channels by which our intuition shares the boundless information of the universe. Those channels are the four clairs. Clairvoyance, for example, is the channel through which intuition communicates information visually. The same is true with clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Each of these is a channel by which the intuition communicates information to us, be it through hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience), or knowing (claircognizance).

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