Identifying Soulmates in love readings

by Tarot Girl

dd ndOne of the most common questions you will get asked as a psychic reader when it comes to romance readings is – is this person my soulmate? In this article, I will share with you the best way to answer this question so that you are serving your clients to their highest good.

1.the concept of soulmates

Before we get started on that, I want to explore the concept of soulmates. I want to help you explore your concept of soulmates. This is quite critical if you’re serious about reading professionally or you’re already professionally reading to have a really clear grasp of how you feel about this term.

As I said, people will come to you and ask you these questions.

It’s a very common question. I love the idea of a soulmate. It’s an incredibly romantic idea that this one person is out there for you. Your twin flame is the person that’s been with you for many lifetimes that you need to be deeply mated with to fulfill your higher purpose.

This is someone who understands you, loves you, gives you everything you need, and fulfills that element of your soul that is similar to your other, your twin. I am not convinced that one person exists for one person on earth, and that’s just how the world is. What happens to my clients is that I see that they suffer a lot because they’re struggling to meet their soulmate.

It starts to feel like a quest. A quest they may never fulfill, and there is this higher being who is a man or a woman, their soul mate, their exact match, their perfect soul. E.A. Bucchianeri wrote: “Love, like everything else in life, should be a discovery, an adventure, and like most adventures, you don’t know you’re having one until you’re right in the middle of it.” By not finding them, they’re suffering a lot. They feel like that. Are they out there? I sometimes think God or the angels don’t want me to find my true love or soulmate.

Sometimes I am alone forever, and it becomes a quest. Some people try to go out there looking for their higher purpose or sole purpose in life, which can lead to many internal self-worth issues.

Not all people get soulmate

The thing with soulmates, interestingly enough, and I’ve seen this in my clients, sometimes they have either seen another psychic or the psychic told them this person says Barry is their soulmate. Still, for some reason, it never happens between them, and they have to start acknowledging that. You know what happens if it’s never meant to be with Barry? I’m not meant to be with Barry in this lifetime.

it never happens between them

I will be without a soulmate for the rest of my life. In other words, my life will be affected by some cruel twist of fate. I know of other clients who I have observed as someone they truly and inherently recognize as their soulmate.

Like, I’ve seen these incredibly strong visions that that person and they were together in another life. What happens is they then feel like that person is now married to someone else, and they live in this eternal angst of I’m never going to meet… I’m never going to be with my soulmate.

Lost of soulmates

a third thing that I’ve seen happen was I had this beautiful client once. She was in her late thirties, and she came to see me. Her husband had died. He passed away, and she was obviously quite young, and they had children together, and she said to me:

“Look, he was my soulmate.”

I could feel her grief, like she had lost someone. Six years ago, he passed away. It felt like, okay, she’s 37. Does that mean she will never be happy and in love for the rest of her life? She would never be happy in love even if she met someone else because that person is not her soulmate.

soulmate concept

There’s become a bit of a tragic element around this soulmate concept. As a clairvoyant healer, I’ve tried to dig into that to help my clients. I’ve tuned into my guides and angels and gotten more information about how to process this and work with my clients about the “looking for my eternal soulmate in this lifetime” question.

How I help my clients to the best of my ability. And some might disagree with that, so as always with my courses, take what works for you. I often pull soulmate relationship cards for people and indicate that this could mean that your soul needs this person.

In my own experience, for example, I’ll be quite transparent. My husband and I have been together for eleven years and are very different on many levels. I love him very much, and we differ on many levels. And on some levels, he is my soulmate because he has helped me dig, shift, and heal some of my deepest wounds. After all, we are different.

that’s a great indication of a soulmate.

However, I am a very realistic person on that level of knowledge that, things could change with us. Over time, we could become different people. And that’s what life is.

I know that I was deeply in love when I was younger, and you feel like that’s the person you will love forever. And things change, and you change. You might have had that experience yourself and know that you were in love with someone once, and you’re now so different you can’t imagine being with them.

What I try to do with that…  I will do the best I can on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes I fail to be my husband’s best partner, and to acknowledge that we have a spiritual soulmate relationship. We have stuffs to figure out here on the planet together.

We love each other very much,and we respect each other very much.

I’m so grateful that I met him. But if I say he’s my perfect match, then no. Like, there are too many radical differences between us. I love and adore him, and he would say the same about me. Like there are things about me that drive him absolutely crazy.

The soulmate journey

The soulmate journey is about getting the most out of your soulmate, such as what they’re here to teach you. Getting the best out of each other. I call it the non-Hollywood version, getting down in the muck together rather than holding on to this Hollywood Twilight vampire mating thing.

there’s this perfect mate for you, which you know I love the concept. I find it very romantic myself, but I do see it.

I think projecting that into our world can sometimes be a bit limited.

because it might not happen in this lifetime. Whatever that is that you’re searching for, this higher ideal turns into a quest that constantly makes you feel unworthy rather than being in a relationship where you are really healing a lot of levels of yourself and having a companion and someone who balances your soul and gives you so much but isn’t necessarily that perfect match.

who is best for you now

How I manage this with my clients and with my readings is rather than focusing on the perfect match, I say, look, who is the best person for you now? And as I said, some might not agree with this approach. However, steering my clients in this direction gives them much more hope than a quest for this eternal partner that will be their perfect match.

That’s how I try to answer the soulmate question – who is best for you now. Yes, this is your soulmate for now.

I want to turn the story over for you, and I’d love it if you could spend some time reflecting on how you feel about soulmates. Remember, it’s great and fine if you feel the opposite of me, but journal it out because, as a professional reader, it will come up for you in your readings, and do it, maybe do a little bit of research about soulmates.

Later in the course, I will explore when I will get married or meet my soulmate. As I am about to show you some video examples of that question, as well as different ways to answer it to help your clients in the best and most beneficial way possible.

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