How to understand and interpret your dreams? Just Three Steps

by Tarot Girl

DREAM-3 is a step-by-step process to walk you through a dream, interpret it, understand it, and know its meaning. Get the message and understand its significance. Everyone can understand their dreams. Everyone can use the DREAM-3 system to understand their dreams.


Dreams can appear mysterious when you look at them from the outside and don’t understand how to understand them. If you don’t understand how to interpret them with the DREAM-3 system, you can walk through your dreams and understand them.


Everyone can do it.It’s a step-by-step system to interpret dreams. Let’s look at those steps.

1. Analysis elements and components

You begin by breaking down the dream into story elements and narrative components. Your dreams are stories, and you will learn how to view them that way.

Stories have settings. Characters and symbols. Those are the story elements. They also have actions, reactions, and resolutions. Those are the narrative components.


2.Create a complete story

Once you have broken down the dream, you go to step 2. You want to interpret and analyze dreams that speak to you in a language of symbolism. They take symbols and string them together into stories to create symbolism. Symbolism is the native language of your dreaming mind. The unconscious mind. Your job in step two is to translate the symbolism, but there’s another side of the equation: the dream is a story, and if you can analyze the story, you can understand what it’s trying to tell you.


3. Connect dreams with reality

Then in step 3, you connect the details in context and reflect on your life. We will go through each of these steps and look at them in more detail. This shows you a simple one-two-three process to interpret your dreams.


We focus on symbolism in the story.

You want to look at the details of the dream individually in parts instead of all at once. If you try to digest the entire dream at once, it cannot be easy to do. You can lose sight of the fact that the dream is telling you a story through symbolism. We translate the symbolism. Symbolism is a language, and it needs to be translated. I’ll also use words such as interpreters and de-code.


This is all referring back to taking what you see in the dream and see the hidden meaning that’s behind it. Then, of course, you analyze the story. The dream is a story. You want to understand it that way.Anyone can analyze a story. You have stories in the movies, novels, and television shows you consume, and you can analyze and understand them.


You can do the same with a dream story.

Connect the dots. The dots are the details, and they all interrelate. When we get to step three will get deeply into that subject. And finally, you’re trying to understand what a dream says about you in your life. Your dreams are always trying to teach and show you things.


This is the point of dream interpretation.

Understand what the dream says and then what you can do with it. How can you learn from it and benefit from it? Everyone can understand their dreams using the DREAM-3 system. There is no special knowledge or training required. You are the best interpreter of your dreams, and it’s because you create your dreams. Simple fact number one about dreams is deep inside. Subconsciously you know what they mean because you create their dream interpretation requires patience and persistence.

unconscious mind unconscious means

The content of your dreams emerges from your unconscious mind unconscious means it’s outside of your conscious awareness.

It often takes a while to digest what a dream is saying to you. With patience and persistence, you can get that message. You can understand what the dream is saying. Dreams tell you what you don’t already know.


They might take something you know partially and then fully illuminate it. Other times they take things that you don’t know at all. This is why it’ll take time to learn what a dream means. Keep in mind that there’s always something new to be learned from a dream. This is a teaching from Jeremy Taylor, who is very well-known as a teacher of dream interpretation, and this is what you were looking for him.


Your dream is like a parable.

It’s a little story that teaches and illuminates the point of a parable so that you can learn from

  1. Your dreams tell you stories so you can learn more about yourself, your life, this world we live in, and all of the people in it. There’s always something new to be learned from a dream.


Before digging in,

I want to tell you that I still have dreams I can’t decipher, and you will too. I have been interpreting dreams and practicing dream interpretation since the early 1990s. I still have dreams that I can’t decipher most dreams at this point. I can at least get the basic idea. If you do not understand the whole thing, I want you to know dreams are deep and mysterious, and even though


I’m giving you a 1 to 3 system for interpreting your dreams.

It doesn’t mean that you will understand all of your dreams or get the meaning or message right away. The dream source is very intelligent. It knows everything about you and your life; this deeper, wiser personality in you connects through what Dr. Carl Young calls the collective unconscious. It’s this database of all the experiences every human being has had going back to the origins of our species and beyond.


The dreaming mind is intelligent

and can tap into that collective unconscious and bring it to you to pull it into your dreamscape to show you things. Remember, your dreaming mind is very intelligent, and it’s very wise, it’s very knowledgeable. It’s there to teach you things. If you approach it that way as something that is trying to teach and help you, then it helps to build a relationship with that part of you so that the energy you feed into your dreams feeds back to you in this great loop of give and take.

but it’s just a dream

I hear people sometimes say Oh yeah, I had a bad dream, but it’s just a dream; I’ll ignore it. I’m like, no, you had an experience while you were dreaming. You are in another reality you believe is just as real as your waking life while you are dreaming.


Deep in your mind,

your dreams register as experiences the same as the experiences you have in your waking life. Approach your dreams as experiences and honor the experience for what it is showing and teaching you.


This is the end of our introduction,

and we’re going to get into story elements and dream settings in the next lesson. Stay tuned. We have a lot of material to cover ahead of us, but it’s going to be fun. It will be very informative. by the end, you will understand your dreams better than ever.


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