How to read The Scary Cards of Tarot

by Tarot Girl

In this article, I will explore the concept of the scary cards and try to help you feel more comfortable reading the Tarot , Understanding some of the cards that might feel a little bit Darker.

Scary cards

People can often be turned off by the Tarot because there are a lot of cards in there , do reflect quite intense energy and reflect very intense life. Lessons what I often say to my clients is , it’s important to know that there must come light through all darkness.

even if you get some cards that seem like they’re on the negative side and they’re going to talk about some negative periods that you’re going to come up with, and that’s going to go through in your life, please don’t be scared of this ,because know that how biggest growth lessons come, through these situations, And so what I’d like to do now is help. You feel more comfortable reading some of these cards that have more intense energy and are a bit scarier. Images on them.

This diagram shows some of the most intense cards in the Tarot

On the top left-hand side, we have the devil, and then we have the three swords, heartbroken by three swords penetrating it.

you can see the death card (traditionally a card that people are terrified of, but as we explore the Major Arcana, I’ll explain why the death card can be one of the most positive cards.).

We have the moon, the tower and the ten swords (which feature a man lying face down with all these swords planted in his back ).

we have grief the five cups as that final one.

As you can see from these images, they’re very intense – they look ugly and not quite confronting, but they all contain powerful spiritual life. Lessons, but once you’ve mastered them, can lead to joy and happiness in all areas of your life.

Please don’t be afraid of these cards.

Some examples of where these cards can lead to much bigger happiness for you is where grief and loss can become a new and better relationship. I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where we’ve left a partner or partners left us, and we’ve been devastated. But in the long run, we were able to look back and realize that we weren’t the right person for us, and we met someone better and realized we had to go through that process.

The card of the five cups, which is grief and loss in any of these cards, can represent that period, and there is light to be had there. Another example could be the shock of losing a job that you didn’t like, and you know you might be horrified and scared and feel fragile and worried about the uncertainty.

However, obviously, along the line, you find something better that you love, and you look back and go, I’m so glad I lost that job. That was the best possible thing that could have happened.

Examples of how scary cards lead to transformation

These are examples of how these traditionally seen as quite scary cards lead to profound transformation. Another powerful theme that goes through these cards that look a bit confronting is , it brings up that there are old beliefs that no longer serve you and have created weak foundations. It’s essential to know that these cards serve as little warning. Listen.

This could happen, but that’s why it’s happening. It’s happening because you’ve got these weak foundations, and if you can go in and work on yourself and embrace the spiritual lessons, then it’s not going to be such a rough time.

Go into oracle cards

For you, it’s going to be easier, and in some cases, especially in the Minor Arcana, you might not even need to go through it.

Now, if I have a client who I can see is fragile, or they’re depressed, or they’ve just had a nasty shock, start with an oracle card.

I teach another course called how to be psychic, where I go into oracle cards, and I always recommend them because they feature angels and fairies, and things are a bit lighter and a little bit more on the positive side.

If someone’s feeling a bit raw, then you can start with that and perhaps go into a Tarot reading when they’re feeling a bit stronger, or you can combine them so that people, Doreen Virtue.

Clients that are fragile and need something

for example, has Arrow Angel Tarot cards and what she’s done with Them is she’s bought angel messages into each card, so that’s good for clients that are just a bit fragile and need something. A bit more gentle – and I can always tell when I’m with someone after a healing session like what’s going to be the most effective for them.,

Tarot does contain these Universal lessons. But there are times when people need a gentle approach until they’re ready to hear the information the Tarot offers. I always say to people: please wait at least 24 hours after a huge shock, preferably longer if you can wait up to a week, simply because often, if someone’s had a shock like their partners, just left them or someone that loved us just died, or they’ve just Lost the job they’re going to be in a state of such shaky vulnerability that their reading can be a bit off-kilter and they might not even be ready to hear what you’ve got to say.

lost  job and  get another job

For example, you’re saying, well: yes, you’ve lost your job, and you will get another job, but it might not be for another six months. They might freak out, and it is in their best interest to go into a course to get a better job. But at that time, they want to hear they’re going to get another job tomorrow. I say to people, look, Give yourself a few days after a shock before coming for a reading, and if a client does contact you or a potential client and says: oh my god, My partner just left me yesterday. Can I have a reading with you?

You know now, why don’t you wait a day or two? Just let that shock settle; the dust settles. In terms of these cards, they have the more intense life lessons involved. One thing I do at the end of every reading: if the last card is one of these cards, I always get the client to add another card. This is important because you want to leave the reading on an uplifting note.

new dawn

If you’re reading for yourself, you want to give your client something to walk away from. You want to know that there will be a new dawn, that things will get better, and that it will proceed once these lessons are learned. Always add another card if the last card seems a bit negative.

And if the client pulls another negative card, that’s when I take in – and I say right, I’m going to pull a card for you. You pull a card and get a positive one, and till those lessons, I learned, people feel a bit more comfortable.

And, as I said, always offer that spiritual wisdom that goes with each card. , even though a card might seem intense.

Each card will represent

You can offer what the spiritual guidance will be, which each card will represent. To recap, there’s no such thing as the scary cards in the Tarot. There are just cards that,

in turn, are intense lessons for your best and highest good. If you have a client feeling a bit confronted by one of the images or they say,”Oh, I want to avoid reading the Tarot. It’s all dark.”

Look, there is a lot of light in the Tarot. You must find that way, learn, and embrace those lessons. And if they’re fragile, you could try oracle cards first or something like Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot. To take a bit more of a gentle approach.

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