How to Master General Career Readings without Background information

by Tarot Girl

In this article, we will explore how you can master general career readings. General career readings. I mean readings where somebody comes to you and says I want to read about my career, but they only give you specific details. General career readings can be complex at times. Sometimes what might happen is what your client needs.

It is a journey in their soul.

A reader’s journey is expressed in the cards and is in conflict with the expectations they have of the reading. You can risk client dissatisfaction by taking cards at face value. As the reader, you read and analyze, and you can see what is going on for your client.

You can communicate the higher needs that come through from the Tarot. If you’re doing Oracle cards or eor spiritual guidance, it comes through as what they need to be focusing on. But they may have come to you for a completely different reason.

What adds levels of complexity? To these very general readings is that there could be multiple questions going on in your client’s mind. I’m going to explore some of those questions in a minute. But there can be three or four things going on that your client wants to know.

Specific questions

Let’s start by exploring some specific questions ( you may get asked as a reader about careers. )

  1. Should I leave this job or change careers?

  2. What is my purpose in life?

  3. What is the future of my career

  4. What is the best job for me?

  5. Should I take this new job, or should I start looking for a new job

  6. Will this job, project, or business succeed?

  7. Should I start a business?

  8. How can I have more money or success in my career, job, or business

  9. How can I earn more money in my career, job, or business?

These are some of the common questions you get asked as a psychic. Now one of the problems is that there could be three or four of these questions in your client’s mind.

They might want to know how they can earn more money, but they also want to know their life purpose and consider a new job. The cards indicate some of these themes, but sometimes there can be a bit of a journey involved for your client.

Complexities of general career readings

I will talk to you about overcoming the complexities of getting a general career reading question. For example, a client comes to you. I want to become a professional reader, they say.

For those of you who haven’t done the horseshoe spread. First I remember what happened on the left, the card that can represent. What impacts most of your clients?

The Past is what’s been happening for them lately; the Present is what’s going on now. The next one. The near future is coming up in the next few months. YOU have an opinion about their behavior or what they’re doing.

The environment is the external environment around them. So usually things impact them but aren’t really what’s happening in that they’re.

The Hopes and Fears

It’s not part of their inner journey. The Hopes and Fears which is about their secret fears of thing things they’re, maybe even unaware that they’re worried about, or they might be openly worried about their secret hopes, which are, you know, their desires like what they want out of a career and the long-term future.

I usually take that to be after three months to 12 months. Then I added a card because the long-term future was strength, a major iconic card.

Because I felt like the person needed a little more clarity about their career in their journey. the strength needed to answer more about their career.

what would happen if they mastered the strength lesson

I thought it would be better to put something else in to enforce what would happen if they mastered the strength lesson and got that Ace sword.

I’m going to break this down for you now about how I would interpret this. So in the recent past, they’ve been suffering a lot. And with those nine swords, perhaps experiencing a lot of anxiety and worry.

I would then go straight over those hopes And fears and go OK. Well, what is it they’re worried about? What are their deepest fears?

And it is about money. So the five pentacles suggest they feel like they don’t have enough money; they’ve got to worry that they’re not going to have enough money. They feel financially threatened. In some cases, Bible pentacles can also mean they’re feeling unsupported.

The universe is supporting you

That could be an element of it too. But they may feel a bit worried about building up their stockpile because I’ve got them in this new position here that fourth card, where they’re planning and saving., I will take it to mean that their anxiety is around money.But this often comes from intuition. Sometimes you would intuitively very strongly know it’s because they feel unsupported. But if you’re ever worried, you can say it doesn’t feel like the universe is supporting you.

 You don’t have enough. And that can help cover those bases for you. I would then pivot to what is going on right now., So this emperor indicates that perhaps they’ve got a boss figure that is dominating them, and they’re feeling a bit powerless.

maybe that’s what’s leading to these issues like this person is undermining their survival. It could also be the company, but most likely it is. The boss.

The environment situation suggests, so their work environment suggests that there’s about to be a collapse. That could indicate that the company is going to restructure. There may be some things that the executive could improve.

You know, maybe they’re going to lose some clients. But whatever happens, whatever happens. This is probably causing your client to be extra worried about finances like that.

feeling helpless with this authority figure boss

That’s probably exacerbating. What’s going on? So they’re already feeling helpless with this authority figure boss. And the real work environment indicates that there’s instability there, and there may be some big problems coming up, or she might be in the midst of big problems right now.

Now for her future. It’s going to be extra important for her to think on her feet to ensure that she’s protecting her energy.

It’s from this emperor figure.And I would say that maybe this emperor figure might be attempting to undermine her in her work. Environment.

So maybe, within this tower situation, there’s some restructuring going on. Some big changes are going on. And it might feel like the world is ending. This particular boss figure may be on her side. So, several redundancies are coming up

She might be someone who gets recommended from a redundancy rather than being able to stay on. And so be very cautious around this person. They may not have your best interests at heart. Please protect yourself and be careful who you trust and believe in yourself. Like that Strength card, it reinforces that.

Believe in yourself right now

Now I would say from that wonderful YOU card that she’s doing the right thing as Sevens means don’t give up. You’ve got the seven of swords there and the seven of pentacles, which suggests keeping saving and keeping planning. It doesn’t necessarily mean the world will end.

I feel like if you keep building up your little stockpile and focus on that for now. Don’t keep focusing on all these fears that you won’t have enough money. Focus on what it is. You have to remember that this authority figure is making you stressed and suffering. no matter what is going on and how awful they are. They’re not necessarily going to be in your life forever.

And for now, learn that they’re not more than you. Like you, you can take your power back. Additionally, as I mentioned, just be extra cautious in the work environment about who you trust.

then I would say this strength comes in that feeling, that energy of strength, which is, yes, you’re, Going to be challenged, but you can take back your Power. You are stronger than you think you are.

hold on to your strength and Power

Please don’t give in to those fears. I can see you’ve done that in the past. That’s natural and normal when there have been problems in the company. But please hold onto your strength, and you will master this. And if you hold on to your strength and Power, a wonderful new idea will come through with the ice of the sword. You’re going to feel this burst of inspiration.

You’re going to suddenly really know what it is you want to do, and you’re going to feel like you’ve got the mental clarity to do it. That is how I would interpret this reading for someone. If I got those cards and they gave me, I want a career reading. Now I’m going to give you what The client could feed me back and say well, thanks. That is what’s going on.

You know another company is taking over my company. They’ve decided to get rid of a whole branch of our company.

There are going to be a lot of redundancies. We are still determining. What’s going on. I don’t get along with my boss at all. And they’re not going to recommend me.

They should say no. she’s not good for this. And other people will get prioritized over me. Even though I’ve been working there longer. And I’ve got a bit of savings, but I don’t want to go into my savings, and I’m feeling really scared.

A different reason

Yes, but Sal knew all that. Thanks for telling me, but I knew all that. But I came to see you for a different reason.

How do I want to know what my higher purpose in life is? I want to know what job I’m best suited for. some of you might be laughing out there right now that a reader is at a very high reading. You may be familiar with this scenario where the cards come out. You take them at face value, and then they say thanks.

Yes, but I already knew I wanted to know what I should do with my life. What job should I be doing? What’s my higher purpose?

The problem with this is that the cards are intelligent and connected to your highest good. they might only reveal the most important thing for you to know.

So this job drama and this immediate survival she’s being threatened on. The cards want her to know to think on her feet at work, to not take everything with people who tell her things. It is not always to trust their truth. And yes, the company is falling apart. But if she has the strength, she’s going to get through it, and she’s going to know what to do.

A Reader’s responsibility

as a reader, you’re going to focus on this because that’s what the cards indicate. And importantly, the cards are giving her that guidance. If you tap into your power and strength and don’t let this person defeat you then you’re going to get bright, new clarity, an idea..

you’re going to know what to do next. But this might be a 12-month journey, and sometimes what can also happen is like fear.

in that fear card that might be so much stronger than what it is that they’ve come to see you for. So the mindset that they will be broken. Like in that five of pentacles, is what caused that suffering. I can completely dominate the reading.

It depends on your client’s current mindset. The fear may be stronger than the desire. So that left-hand card there, the beautiful narrative pentacles, shows a woman to be a woman.

A man or woman chooses someone completely incredibly confident. They feel that they’ve made it in life. They’ve got to where they want to be, usually in their finances and career. And that’s her desire. But right now, the fear that she’s experiencing in this current uncertainty of the climate of her work environment is taking precedence over that.

spiritual experiences and growth

unfortunately, clients and I’ve done this too. There’s no judgment here, but clients might believe that coming to you for reading will give them that higher-purpose solution. and it may erases all these current dramas. that’s only sometimes the way life works. Sometimes we have to have certain spiritual experiences and growth to reach that beautiful higher purpose on the left-hand side.

And I’m going to share with you multiple examples throughout this course about how this shows up. So the cards could indicate the path, but it might be down the track.

As I said, it might be that the high proposing comes in two or three years after they’ve mastered what they need to master at this job. And the cards will give you what the most important focus is now. It’s really important to encourage your clients to be specific because it gives much more accuracy.

Just saying I want to know about my career. Specific readings can be more laser focused. which means that your client gets to understand. What’s going to go on for them immediately as well as being able to link to the long-term of what they desire. So it still might reveal the highest good.

So again, it still very much could be, as I said, it still might be the job survival. For now, this is the most important lesson. And that might be different from why they came.

This is what feels like going on in the next 12 months

But you can connect the journey for them with more fluidity. We can do a couple of extra cards beyond that. Two or three cards, not in a separate reading, because you’ve got to learn these other lessons first. But if we can look, OK, you’ve got a higher purpose that you want to know.

You want to know your higher good. You want to know where this is leading. The ice gives you an in.

Perhaps by the end of these 12 months, you will be much more laser focused and clear about what to do with your life. You can then connect what I’ve come to you for with the immediate journey. Now, if this sounds confusing, don’t worry.

Tarot cards reading for success

I will give you many examples to see how this works. Recently, one of my Tarot cards, success, clients came to me and said: I’ve got this reading, and I need to figure out how to answer it.

My career’s always been bad. My situation could be better now. I want a reading on this, and I felt a lot of compassion for them because this is a very complex question. And it’s way beyond a beginner question.

It’s a very advanced question. There are many, many layers to a question like this. So my is always bad. My situation could be better now. you could spend time unraveling the situation itself. Like. Why is the career always bad? Why is the situation worse now?

You could pull lots of cards to get that started, but this will consume your time with your client massively. And so it is more complicated. Writing like this, I suggest pivoting to digging.

Now digging is where you ask a few centered questions to get more information about what they want to know. Some psychics dislike digging questions, and some clients dislike it too, but it can cut the guesswork out and the carnival tricks. What I mean by that is trying to impress and improve people with what a great psychic you are.

if you’ve only got a short session together, it’s much better to give them a richer reading which will answer their question. And also keep in mind. There are nuances between career and job.

It might be a very complicated situation for this person, and it’s going to be important for you to break down what they are unhappy about.

Complicated situation for a person

For example, is it the industry to say that they work in IT and don’t like the IT industry? They don’t like how it favors younger people, or they don’t like how the industry is so quick to change. You’ve constantly got to upgrade your technology. Is it the company themselves that they’re working for?

They may like the IT industry, and it inspires them, but the company they work for undervalues them, doesn’t offer enough holidays, or doesn’t give enough training. And so you feel like you’re always in the deep end.

Is it the people having relationship problems with the people they work with? Were they feeling like they were being overburdened and things were unfair? They need to be heard more in this situation.

They don’t feel like they’re part of the team, or is it the work?

Sometimes they may be elements to their work like they might love IT, but they’ve been given boring parts of the world like just data retrieval or something. And this is just boring. It’s not tapping into my potential or what I love about it.

I feel like I’m just going nowhere. The purpose of readings is to identify patterns. So, as you can see, there are so many different levels to what can be going on, and making your client unhappy and why they feel like their career is always bad. And if you can start to break it down for them about what’s bothering them the most.

You’ll give them a much clearer path with your cards and your readings. My alarm bells went off when they said my career is always bad because I said OK. that means you’ve been through this problem before. There might be a pattern here. And the purpose of reading is to identify those patterns, and digging helps.

Purpose of reading

Again. That’s why I would say: OK. Is it the work? Do you like what you’ve been given at this company? I would ask my client why they’re so unhappy and why they were happy in the past.

So understanding what is happening behind the scenes can give your client a much more empowered and accurate reading for me.

Now, yes, you are going to face some skepticism., Not a lot. I have not found in my career that I have had many people who have resented when I’ve asked them additional questions to get more information to enrich the reading..

Occasionally, you get a bit of hostility. But trust me, that cynicism, that skepticism, or hostility far outweighs the satisfaction your clients will get from getting spot-on, beautiful writing that speaks to what’s going on for them. That will help them for their lives so that they can improve their lives and achieve their goals, achievements, and dreams. So that’s how I view digging.

You might risk a bit of your psychic. You’re to know all this.

Why are you asking these questions?

How come you can’t just immediately read my mind and know this?

You can take the time to do that, or you can take the time to just laser focus. The reading for your person finds out and digs about. What’s going to give them satisfaction and joy in their lives.

I will use myself as an example of how I could have been a better client many years ago. About 15-16 years ago, I was teaching in high schools, and I loved the kids, some of my colleagues, and some of the work.

I was really at a stage where I’d hit the wall and was unhappy working in the high school environment. It didn’t feel like it was me anymore. I was starting to feel depressed and struggling with some of my colleagues and not all of them. I felt like I wanted to.

what am I supposed to do with my life

What I wanted to know was, what am I supposed to do with my life? This doesn’t feel like it’s fulfilling me anymore., I’m miserable. And you know what I am supposed to do.

I went to a reader and said: “Oh, could you? I want a career reading.”

Please. And again, I was like I should have gone into the details. I was just very vague with her. And she gave me a whole thing. I said: look, I’m a high school teacher. I want to know what I am supposed to do with my life.

she gave me a whole thing about how I would move to England. I would work in history school at a prominent private school and be very happy there. you know I would leave this environment and suddenly have joy and love. And she identified a couple of problems. I was having. And I left feeling a bit disappointed.

That was vague and actually on me because I wanted to know what to do with my life. What’s my higher purpose. Why am I here on Earth, and what job will help me with that the most? And because I felt like that, one wasn’t.

And instead, she gave me this other whole big, massive journey in which I felt like I was so exhausted. I don’t want to go pick it up. My house moves to England and does this. Oh, this whole thing. And I was like, oh and the reading – didn’t do it for me.

But, as I said, that was partly my fault. Like if I’d gone to her and said., I’m not meant to be a high school teacher.

Some guidance into what the pathway is

Anymore. Is this for my highest good? I want some guidance into what the pathway is out of this. Then it would have been much better reading for me. Now I have three approaches to digging, and you can choose all of these three or whatever works best for you.

So you can get straight into it. So go straight into it and spread the cards. And if you are confused or concerned or the cards need to be clarified, you raise further questions with the client. If you are overwhelmed, I’m sure right from the start. It’s one of those more complicated questions. I mentioned.

Then again, asking before beginning has something, in particular, that has been bothering you. You can go intuitively as you can tap into those intuitive skills.

If you’ve been trained and practiced, you can intuitively tune in to gods and angels and ask, or you can just come out and say, is anything bothering you, in particular?

The third way is you can ask prompt background questions. So that’s what I mean by that on your website or when you’re communicating via email again. So why, in particular, would you like to read or what would you like to come and ask me about? And that gives you an idea about your client’s mindset from the get-go.

And you can give them a much deeper and more accurate reading.

Practice and hone your intuitive abilities

It is important to remember that the more you practice and hone your intuitive abilities, the easier it is with these general questions. So the more you’ll be able to sense and feel and know and see that this is why they come to you, and that’s why they’re there.

So for me after, you know, in the beginning, I was very much looking at the cards and figuring it all out. Out. And then I came up with some systems, as I mentioned previously.

as I’ve practiced lots and lots of different intuitive skills and gifts, connecting with gods’ angels and enhancing my divination and some of those skills that I teach to be psychic. And in intermediate-level psychic readings, I intuitively know why they’re coming – and I know that straight off.

if you don’t want to go and do extra intuitive training or feel like you are just happy to stick with the cards at the moment. In the meantime, I’ll show you some other ways. Deal the cards.

And if there’s no context, focus on what is showing up. So share what I have shared with that client about what is happening. And then you can ask for more context. If he feels it’s unclear, would you like me to ask about your current career?

Changing careers

You know, are you thinking of changing careers? How do you feel about this? How are you feeling about your career at the moment? You know you can do that while you are shuffling – and get that little feedback. Now, if you’re working online with them, it’s different. But you can ask those in the press questions.

So in the next lecture, I will show you how to start from scratch. If your clients need to be more forthcoming with specific details.

We will look at which cards reveal common themes and career situations. Having a notebook to get the best out of the next lecture. It is important because a quiz and a couple of reflection exercises will rapidly accelerate your understanding of being able to give a career. Writing. – So grab a notebook now and ensure you‘ve got one specifically, especially for the next lecture. I’ll see you in the next lecture.

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