How to interpret Dream Symbols

by Tarot Girl

We will explore the last of our story elements, now dream symbols.There’s a common perception that dream interpretation boils down to symbols. It’s pretty easy to wrap the mind around what symbols are. But this is only the beginning of the process of dream interpretation.

Create symbolism

This symbol is used in a story to create symbolism. The point is that symbols are only part of the picture if you want the whole picture. You need to understand other aspects of dream interpretation. Symbols are loaded with meaning.


Think of it like the phrase A picture says a thousand words in a symbol. You can see a thousand words. the dream will express that meaning with one look. One symbol visually represents what that meaning is.


There will be other details, though, with the symbol that helped to flesh out that meaning and actions will be associated with it. The symbol will be associated with a rare character or setting. That is where you get the story of the dream. A symbol is a shorthand way of expressing an idea. Then it’s used in a story, and it creates symbolism. That’s how dream symbolism works.

Let’s take a look at the picture here on the slide.

Boy, doesn’t that say a lot there? There could be a thousand words in that picture if you consider that it expresses situational and personal dynamics. This is the two-sided nature of dream symbols.

They express the situational dynamics, and they express the personal dynamics of whatever it is that the dream is saying through the use of that symbol. The dream shows you with your teeth falling out of your mouth, and let’s say that the situational dynamic is related to losing face, meeting some harm to your self-image or reputation.


When a tooth falls out of your head it falls out of your face.

You’ve just lost part of your face. There are many other possibilities for what teeth can symbolize. I encourage you to look it up in the dream interpretation dictionary.


Let’s take it a step further. Not only does that picture express the situational dynamics involved with losing face. It also expresses how you feel about it.


“Oh, my God. My teeth are falling out of my head.”


That happens in a dream.

Look at how you respond to it. Often you respond very strongly to it. It causes strong reactions in you. It brings up feelings and feelings can be a great guide for navigating through to the meaning of a dream symbol.


How do you feel about it? That is a simple question that you always ask in response to a dream symbol when you are searching for the meaning of its dreams. Begin with symbols, and then they put them into a story, and through that use of the symbol in the story, they convey more complex ideas.


This is when we get into symbolism. The symbol by itself has ideas behind it has meaning behind it. The dream puts it into a story.


It combines it with other symbols.

It puts things around, such as characters and actions, and settings. You have more complex ideas. This is also how dreams define the meaning of a symbol.


When you look at a symbol by itself it presents a whole variety of possibilities for interpretation for meaning. You can understand which meaning which possibility is used by the dream by looking at it in context, and we’ll get to that in step 3.


Symbols can layer.

there is never one way to define a symbol. Symbols are understood in the context of the dream story. The meaning of symbols is personal. You could have a symbol that appears in your dream. That is very personal to you. It’s based on your personal experience.


I remember a dream where a guy had a raccoon in his dream. We ultimately traced the meaning of that symbol back to an experience he had as a child where his parents admonished him for feeding the raccoons at a picnic area, so the raccoon in the dream is used as a symbol for the idea of being punished for something. He felt like a child when his parents said don’t feed the raccoons. He didn’t understand why.


Another idea is brought in.

Not only is he being punished for something, but he’s also being punished for something that he doesn’t know is wrong. Very personal meaning comes into the dream, and it’s all there in the raccoon. You’d have to be him to understand what the symbol means to him. Now sometimes symbols are collective in their meaning. You could take a symbol, and across a spectrum of the population, people would know that it has a particular meaning.


Take the Christian Cross, for example. It’s a symbol of Christianity, and most people know that the cross is. That’s what it symbolizes.

That’s what it can symbolize.

There is a collective or group meaning to that symbol. Of course, you could have very personal associations with the cross, which is the underlying basis of the meaning of that symbol.


In your dreams, symbols say what’s unsaid. Good storytellers know the art of creating an outline in the reader or viewer’s mind and allowing symbols to say what’s unsaid. You can find the difference between a good storyteller and one who’s not so good in how much detail they choose to put in. They will allow the reader or the viewer to fill in some details using their imagination.


The storyteller will create an outline for them, and then the sim will use symbols to express meaning when it’s not explicitly said.

It’s not like dialogue.and its put into the mouth of a character. It’s not a description that’s put into a scene when you’re describing it.


Let’s say a novel.

You want to create enough of a picture to create the outline in the reader’s head, but you want to leave off some of that detail. If you have something you need to say but don’t want to say it explicitly, use a symbol. Let’s go ahead and get into some examples here.

Eyes when it’s used when eyes are used as a symbol; it can mean you need to see something. Eyes are used to seeing, and seeing in a dream can mean something other than seeing through your eyes. Seeing can mean like do you see the idea.


Do you see the point eyes are used to watch?

If a dream emphasizes two eyes, then there could be an idea behind it of something seen. Of being watchful.

I found this in a dream that featured very thick eyeglasses, and the eyes of the character behind those glasses were magnified greatly, and it expressed the feeling of the person who had the dream that they’re always being watched.


Look also for vision as a possibility for eyes as a symbol in a dream. Vision is what it can mean, and you know that vision means things other than just seeing.

You can have a vision for life, a vision for a project. A vision can be like an idea that you have. If you have a vision and it’s just an idea, you take it and do something with it.

That’s what ICE can symbolize or how they can be used as a symbol, and then, of course, dreams like to use the Word place to and eyes or an eye can be wordplay.

I as in me as in you a lion in a dream as a symbol can have a meaning related to protecting territory. Lions are known for being territorial. They protect their territory. You do use the lion as a symbol in the story.

The dream express

The dream is expressing an idea related to territory or pride, being protective, or ruling leading. Lions are known and often portrayed symbolically about ideas about ruling leading stuff like a tree as a symbol. It’s often related to the family because we have family trees.

The trees are great. Analogies to describe families you have, like the core trunk, you have the roots that go into your ancestry. You have the branches which are like the, you know, the siblings.


You have the young branches that elect the new generations coming into the family.

A tree can refer to your roots. It can refer to a great person, tall, proud, strong to strong. Trees are known for being strong and also for endurance.

Trees tend to grow slowly. They are exposed to the elements, but they endure a great wind coming along, and usually, the trees hold up to it. It shows endurance.


These are all observations that we have made about trees. You don’t have to be exposed to many trees to know that they are strong and endure. You hear the phrase family tree and organizational tree a lot. Dreams pick up on that, and they bring it in to use the tree as a symbol to give it that meaning. There is a lot more that we can explore with dream symbols. I want to introduce you to the subject here.

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