How to Interpret Dream Characters

by Tarot Girl

They are story elements along with the settings and symbols of dream characters that enact the story. They are actors, and you want to think of them as actors. Dream characters look like people they don’t have to. You could have something like an animal or a robot that is a character in the story.


It is an actor that plays a role and is, therefore, a character. The point is that people in your life provide drama. How much drama would you have in your life if you didn’t have people in your life? Dreams are dramatizations, and what better way of dramatizing something than through a character’s dream characters play roles. They follow a script that is written subconsciously in your mind. Remember that the next time you have someone in a dream, you know they’re brought in as a character and presented in a way or do something out of character for them.


They are hard, an actor,playing a role and they are following a script.


Dream characters can tie in symbolically with the subject of the dream or an underlying idea or idea of it. You want to think of them as walking talking symbols, dream characters. They can be like mirror images of yourself. What you see in the mirror in that dream character about yourself can be like a funhouse mirror. It can be distorted, but there is a kernel of truth to it. It can be uncomfortable or even amusing.


Look at the clown in the slide here. The clown is looking at a guy, conveying that the guy might not see himself in the clown, but he sure sees himself and the guy. Our dream characters can show us things about ourselves that we don’t know we’re not consciously aware of it.

Nature of dreams

That is the nature of dreams. They show you what you don’t know about yourself and what is emerging in yourself. When you see your dream characters, always look for what you see about yourself and them generally; your dream characters are parts of yourself brought to life. Sometimes dream characters can represent people you know and look like those people, and sometimes those people are brought into the story of a dream as characters that don’t look like those people; I call them surrogate characters.


Even when the character represents the person you know, they are presented to you subjectively through your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. The image of the person and the way that they are presented as an actor in the story is subjective. It’s all based on you. Dream characters are walking, talking symbols. The important point here is that dream characters look like people; a common mistake is viewing them as people, not as symbols. To view them as people and not as actors, they play a role in a story.

They are actors

They are actors; they are characters. Now keep in mind you are a character too in the story. You play a role even when you are an observer. You still play the role of observer. Look for the roles that you play in your dreams. You can go into much more depth with the subject and my course on dream characters.


Now let’s get into some examples of dream characters. We’ll begin with a clown since we’ve already brought that subject up. What could a clown represent? Remember, it’s a walking, talking symbol. Do you see the humor? The idea of humor in that dream character. Do you see the idea of clowning around? Clowns are disguised, so that could be the idea represented as a clown. It’s something that is in the skies. You know, many people have an irrational fear of clowns, and it’s because, at least in some cases, something unknown is there.


You see the clown and know that a person is behind it.

Think about how a dream could start with that idea and launch off from there to tell a story. Anything related to fear of the unknown could be represented as a clown in a dream Or a Nazi. I’ve seen Nazis a lot in dreams, and often the character represents a bad character, as in a bad person, because Nazis are associated with the idea of being as bad as it gets.


Now a dream could launch from there. It doesn’t have to represent a person. It could represent a situation you see a Nazi or a group of Nazis in a dream, and they are there to convey the idea that it’s as bad as it gets. You’ve had a meltdown at work. Things are as bad as it gets. You’re dreaming about Nazis invading your workplace, cruelty, and indifference to suffering.


These are common associations with Nazis.

They were known as being cruel and indifferent to suffering. If a dream wants to bring that idea into the story, it can do it as a Nazi dream character. Let’s look at one other type of character.


Your best friend. This is when differentiating between the character as a person and the character as an idea as a symbol can be tricky because seeing your best friend in a dream, and you go well, must have something to do with your best friend. WhatWhat you could be seeing in the form of a best friend in a dream is something about the person, like a personality trait you have observed about that person, something you know about them.


It’s brought into the dream to represent that idea of personality traits.

There’s something that you see about yourself in your friend. The friend is brought into the dream to represent something about you. This is where dream characters personify aspects of yourself. They bring parts of your inner world to life, the casting director in your dreaming mind.


We’ll start with wanting to express an idea or tell a story and it hunts around for the best way to do that. It could do it through people you know and bring them in as characters or create imaginary characters when you have a dream featuring a best friend. But that character is imaginary. What is a dream trying to say? An idea could be expressed there, such as the need for friendship, the desire for it, and the lack thereof. Then again, friends are supportive. This is an association with friends.


The best friend character, an imaginary one, or your best friend could still symbolize something about you that is supportive or supports you and provides company, comfort, or assistance. There’s so much to know about dream characters, and I use them probably more than any of the other story elements, ordinary and narrative components, to help me to penetrate a dream and understand what it’s saying. Dream characters are very central and the dream stories. It’s a place to focus.

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