Dream and Astral Travel

by Tarot Girl

Dream Travel

Traveling in your dreams is much easier than when awake, so it’s a good place to start. To succeed, I recommend practicing this exercise every night. Don’t be surprised if this one takes a while to achieve, as dreams are difficult things to grab control of, and don’t attempt this until you have developed strong dream recall ability due to a well-maintained dream journal.

  1. Before going to bed, set a strong intention in your mind to travel to a specific place. For a beginner, I highly recommend taking short trips – to your place of work, a friend’s house, or anywhere nearby that you enjoy visiting. This will help with the emotional “shock” of arriving where you intended.
  2. You can set your intention by repeating in your head, “I will travel to_________ in my sleep.” As you drift off to sleep, try to keep the intention fixed in your mind.
  3. As your mind prepares for astral travel, you may experience tingling in your body, strange visions, or a high-pitched whine. These experiences can be disconcerting, but it’s just your spirit preparing to separate from your body and travel.

When you awaken, record your results in your dream journal. Did you arrive at the place you intended, or did you travel somewhere else? Did you see the silvery cord connecting you to your body?

Astral Travel

Attempting this exercise before success in dream travel is likely to lead to frustration. You can perform this with your eyes closed, as if meditating, or you can use your scrying mirror. For beginners, I don’t recommend setting a firm intention of a destination. Instead, just go wherever your spirit leads you.

  1. Begin by visualizing as vividly as you can your body as it is right now.
  2. Slow your breathing.
  3. Visualize your spirit standing up and leaving your body. You will feel a warmth or tingling sensation, and it may be difficult to get your spirit to exit your body. Once you do leave your body, you may “snap back” out of excitement. If so, go ahead and open your eyes and consider the exercise a success!
  4. See the astral thread that connects your spirit to your body, and know that you are always safe because of it.
  5. Start by walking around the room. Look with your eyes at the room you’re in. Move to each corner of the room and turn to look at your body, still seated in meditation.
  6. Return to your body and visualize your spirit reentering your body.
  7. Open your eyes.

Record your results in your journal. Which part of the exercise was hard and which was successful? Once you’ve been able to completely move around the room you’re in without snapping back to your body, you can try floating in your room and then traveling outside your home.


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