Astral Traveling and Projection

by Tarot Girl

One night remains vivid in my mind, though its memory is less potent now, given that I have a fuller understanding of psychic abilities. I was lying in my bed, trying to get myself in the right state for astral travel. It was my third attempt.

Previous  attempts

As with the previous attempts, I put myself into a relaxed state while silently repeating to myself, “I am leaving my body now.” Soon, I experienced the same things I had on my previous attempts: I felt a powerful energy flow through my body. I heard a buzzing noise that came from within. I felt my body become lighter. But then something happened, and I sunk back down into my mattress.

Rather than being disappointed, I fully accepted the situation without judgment and continued to focus on my feelings of relaxation. I also continued to repeat those words to myself. That was when I experienced something new. The buzzing sound began to sound more like the roar of a jet engine, and my body began to shake violently as my shoulders were pulled up toward my ears. I actually thought I might die, but I fully embraced the moment and accepted whatever may come.

Experence about astral travle

The next thing I knew, I felt like I was without a body. Yet, I was fully aware of what was happening in me and around me. I was moving in ways that were physically impossible before that moment. It was not as if I was flying around or doing gymnastics in my bedroom. In fact, I remained on my bed, but I was bending, twisting, and turning in ways that would be physically impossible under normal circumstances.

Not only were my motions otherworldly, so were the speed and ease with which I was making them. At some point, there was a brief moment during which I lost all memory. When it passed, I found myself peacefully falling asleep. This was my first astral projection experience, but might also be called an Out of Body Experience (OBE). To distinguish between the two, astral travel is experienced because the person has intentionally induced it, while OBE can occur spontaneously.

When astral projecting, people report seeing a golden or silver-colored cord connecting them to their physical bodies. This cord is like an umbilical cord, and it will keep you safe. At any time you want, this umbilical cord can snap you back to your body. I did not experience this cord in my astral projection but it is commonly experienced.

Understand astral projection

To better understand astral projection, it is first necessary to understand who you are beyond your limited sensory perception. When you look in a mirror, you see yourself as a physical body. However, this perception is illusionary because our sensory abilities, which include the five senses, are limited in their ability to discern our true nature, which is energy.

We are made up of multiple layers of energy, all of which form our chakras and auras. Our outermost energy layer has the lowest vibrational frequency. The limited sensory ability of our eyes perceives this outer energy layer as being a solid physical form. This outer energy layer is created and maintained by the deeper energy layers, which for most of us escapes our attention, as we are so focused on our outer layer.

Collectively, the energy layers below the outer layer are known as the subtle body. These layers have a higher vibrational frequency than the outer layer. During astral projection and OBE, the subtle body moves beyond the outer body in which it is normally found. We can understand this more clearly if we think of the water cycle.

The water is made of a molecule that contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. These molecules vibrate because they are made of energy. The further apart the water molecules are, the faster they vibrate. Now imagine the water in a lake. It flows because the molecules are far enough apart that the water moves freely. Imagine the water evaporating under the heat of the sun. What was once a liquid is now gas.

Out of Body Experience (OBE)

As a gas, the water molecules are even further apart. Because the molecules are so far apart, the gas is formless, colorless, and without any perceivable qualities. Now imagine that the gas molecules condense and form a liquid again (rain) and return to the ground. Because it is wintertime, the molecules move so close together that they cannot move much; they have a low vibrational level. We call this version of the water molecule ice.

The only difference between water as a liquid, gas or solid is the vibrational level of the molecule itself. In the same way, your outer body is like the ice while your subtle body is like the gas. During astral projection or OBE, you are like ice melting and eventually becoming a gas. In fact, most of us do this daily! When we are in deep sleep or dreaming, our subtle body moves beyond its low vibrational exterior. This also occurs at the time of our death.

Exploring higher realms of consciousness

Everything that we experience in our everyday consciousness belongs to the lower realm that we normally inhabit. But astral projection provides amazing opportunities for exploring higher realms of consciousness. No longer restrained by physical limitations or the limitations of the rational mind, you can fly, pass through solid objects, or explore distant places. Astral traveling allows you to travel across the different realms of consciousness.

By entering higher realms, you experience a whole new reality where the rules of the lower realm do not apply. You can receive visions of the past or the future or access the Akashic records. Time and space do not exist in the higher realms. Some believe that our dreams are actually enacted at these higher realms of consciousness. This means that when you have a dream, your astral self is actually observing its enactment at higher realms of consciousness. This is why lucid dreaming has a strong connection to astral projection. Most profoundly, you gain a greater understanding of your essential nature, since you are actually experiencing it!

Developed strong abilities

The ability to astral project obviously takes time and requires further development of your psychic abilities, as well as a great deal of patience. Those who have developed strong clairvoyant abilities are most likely to be successful in this ability.

The experience of astral projection can be emotionally overwhelming, which can cause you to return to your body. This is common for beginners, which is why it takes repeated practice before you accept these experiences. It is helpful to remember that astral projection is safe and that you are always in full control. You can return to your body anytime you want, and it happens instantaneously. Any fears you experience are the products of your rational mind, which cannot conceive of what is being experienced.

Attention when astral traveling

Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not just automatically end up at your desired destination when astral traveling. Astral travel is just like physical travel, in that you need to be intentional. Before you leave your physical body, you need to know where you want to go. When you leave your body, you need to take action to get to where you want to be. You can do this by walking, flying, or teleporting. When first starting, I recommend that you walk, as the other modes of traveling can be too shocking for a beginner. With practice, you can progress to flying or teleporting.

  • When teleporting, imagine that there is a door behind you.
  • When you turn around, you’ll see the door, and you can open it and step through to wherever you want to go.
  • When you want to return to your body, you simply have to think about doing so.

If that doesn’t work as quickly as you’d like, float upwards and then let yourself fall. This always snaps me right back to my body. The following are exercises for astral traveling:

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