by Tarot Girl

In traditional definitions of Tarot, the Wands are about creativity, work, and communication.

In relationships this continues, with a heavy emphasis on communication, issues of power, balance, and sex!


A new creative process. Starting a new business. A grand beginning.


This is a theme I will return to at the beginning of each of the four suits, but it should always be kept in mind that the Ace of any suit is the purest, most distilled form of the fundamental attributes of the suit itself. It also symbolizes the new, so think new influences, new people, and new ways of doing things. In this way, change is good, even for change-fighters like, oh, most of us. Even when we get to the dark and contemplative Swords, there is still reason for hope, as you will learn as you read on!

Aces are always welcome. They soften the blows of the dark cards and add to the positive cards with new, fresh, and concentrated energy.

To start, the Ace of Wands is clearly a phallic symbol. For those of us who appreciate the phallus, this is nice. You have the hots for each other. Sexual mojo.

In a love reading, the Ace of Wands suggests a new beginning, whether in the form of a new romance, or a new phase in an existing one. It also suggests strong sexual chemistry, regardless of whether your relationship is one of opposite or same gender. Even more, er, lastingly, it suggests excellent, easy, non-stressful communication, which is a sorely underrated bit of wonderfulness.

If you have something important to say to someone special, the Ace of Wands is here to tell you that you have the skills to communicate effectively, charmingly, and possibly to the point of removal of clothing, you sweet-talking devil!


Sexy times for you, with lots of warm connection to follow! This one’s a cuddler!

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